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No! Every year we place thousands of volunteers abroad and around 15 percent of these volunteers are aged 30 years and older. While the opportunity to volunteer abroad is popular among young travelers, an increasing number of senior travelers are choosing to volunteer with IVHQ each year, delivering a great deal of value to the communities in which we work. Jordan McFadyen IVHQ Community Manager

The weather in December was generally pretty good. Generally in the high 80s for the temperature and varying clouds and sun. It is the transition period into the rainy season though, so towards the end of the December expect a bit more rain especially at night.

Go snorkelling, read in the hammocks, visit the towns and villages, do a long walk on the island, play cards, wash clothes and learn Malagasy

For forest conservation you will be trekking through the jungle but it is very safe if you just watch our step over rocks and roots. There is only one dangerous animal on the island and it is the hognose snake, I saw two and both times they fled. The camp is very clean, there are toilets and cold showers, the food is all prepared in the kitchen and no one seemed to have had any issues. Do expect...