Apartment or Homestay?

Posted by Alexis Koch 8 years ago

I'm having trouble deciding whether I should stay in an apartment or in a homestay. I am independent and able to cook for myself but I do like the aspect of picking up the language quicker in the homestay. It also seems a bit expensive. Any suggestions?


I had a homestay in San Sebastian and am glad that I did. I picked up the language more quickly, had an adorable host sister, got lots of local tips, and if I ever go back to the city, I will have friends to visit. However, there were times that I experienced some "fear of missing out." I think this is common with homestay students - I sometimes felt like all my friends were hanging out without me. Overall, I was happy with my choice, but I think FOMO is something to consider. If it's a big deal to you, you might be better off rooming with other USAC students. You'll still learn tons of Spanish in class and around town. But if language is your top priority, go homestay.