Teach English & Study Arabic in Palestine (1-13 Weeks)

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Hi, thanks for asking! Yes, the safety of all participants is ensured with this program. For additional information we recommend contacting the program provider directly, which you can do here: http://excellencenter.org/contact-us/.

Hi, thanks for asking! We recommend contacting the program provider directly to learn more about scholarship opportunities (here's a link to their contact info: http://excellencenter.org/contact-us/). Also make sure to check out our blog! We have tons of great articles and resources on finding and applying for scholarships :)

Great question! The monthly fee for this program is $560. More info on pricing and trip details can be found here: http://excellencenter.org/teach-english-in-palestine-2/.

You can volunteer for a few week or months. I volunteered for 2.5 months one volunteer was there for 4 months I think.