Can I get an internship in a Human Genetics research center?

Posted by Jennyfer Garcia 7 years 1 month ago

I am a Biologist with a MSc. in Genetics and I would like to learn new molecular Biology techniques in order to improve my CV and my knowledge.


Hi Jennyfer,

The best way to know is to contact AIP ( Asia Internship Program) directly, look for their contact on their website or Facebook page. I know they have a large choice of Internships in different industries and areas. The one I did, was a 6 months internship in Advertising and Marketing in a renowned communication agency. It was very useful and I have no doubt it improved my CV and helped me get my current job. So my advice would be to contact them directly and ask if they have something in the area you are looking for, if yes honestly go for it. For me, it was a great and valuable experience.