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The Kingdom of Thailand is renowned for its amazing street food, rich culture, and friendly locals. Their economy is rapidly emerging with new businesses, which means there are opportunities for young professionals. It dominates in the Hospitality & Tourism department. Other popular industries include Business Development, Engineering, and Journalism.

We at AIP provide an opportunity for young professionals to develop skills in an international environment. We are partnered with a large variety of companies, which means we can create an internship experience unique to you.

Our programs also offer the following:
- Customized internship placement
- 24/7 Assistance
- Airport pick-up
- Visa Assistance
- Accommodation
- Transportation card
- SIM card
- Networking Events
- Certificate of Achievement

Notice: the tuition fee consists of a customized internship, housing, professional networking, and more. Each internship is unpaid due to foreign countries' regulation

  • Customized Internship
  • Fully Furnished Accommodation
  • Visa Assistance
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Social Activities & Trips

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Hi Jennyfer, The best way to know is to contact AIP ( Asia Internship Program) directly, look for their contact on their website or Facebook page. I know they have a large choice of Internships in different industries and areas. The one I did, was a 6 months internship in Advertising and Marketing in a renowned communication agency. It was very useful and I have no doubt it improved my CV and...


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  • Fun 9.4
  • Housing 9.2
  • Safety 9.3
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Yes, I recommend this program

Exhausting but worth it!

I completed my internship in Thailand late last year before COVID hit giving me the opportunity to not only accomplish one of my goals to do an internship or work professionally abroad, but to also be able to travel around the country to explore a new culture that I'm not familiar with. Thailand itself was amazing, the people were so welcoming and nice to me and even allowed me to travel places with them. I have my colleagues to thank as well for introducing me to their fascinating culture.

Applying to AIP is something that I don't regret to this day. It seemed very doubtful at first, but my parents convinced to go for it, and here I am today with no regrets. Really great first time abroad experience and I'm looking forward to more!

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I would've definitely taken my time to learn the language before arriving. It was hard getting around places at times.
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Yes, I recommend this program

The Land of Smiles!

Thank you, AIP, for an amazing experience I just had in Thailand. It kind of sucks that it may be a long time till I get to come back to the country with the on-going global pandemic. Thought I was really lucky to be able to do an internship here since I was already in the country and was about to finish my studies. We went under lockdown for a few months but it slowly went away and everyone pretty much just went back to work. My colleagues were one of the nicest people I've ever met and I've learnt so much from them. Again, I would like to thank AIP for always keeping the communications top notch and for making me not feel lonely at times.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
Going through the lockdown was pretty frightening. Having to stay home and just work was intensively boring.
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Yes, I recommend this program

An internship in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

I've always wanted to travel to Thailand. It has always been at the top of my bucket list. The country is beautiful and the culture is extremely unique and exquisite. When I started searching for internships in Asia, I came across AIP and they made my dreams come true.

I studied finance in university and after completing my internship in the heart of Bangkok, I was able to gain very valuable knowledge about the industry in a very international work environment. My colleagues were awesome, as they welcomed me with open arms. Whenever I did not understand certain things, they would always help out. I really liked that they were patient with me and allowed me to learn and do things at my own pace. Thank you AIP for this opportunity! It was spectacular.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I would explore more of Thailand, such as the northern and southern provinces, instead of just staying in Bangkok.
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Yes, I recommend this program


I was always keen to travel. I love having the opportunity to explore a new culture and really immerse myself into it. I was a junior at the time and I thought that it would have been a good idea to get some work experience while living in another country. I found out about AIP and needless to say, they did an amazing job on my placement. I did an internship in marketing within the heart of Bangkok. The city is extremely vibrant and very fast paced. I also had great mentors, ones that taught me so much about the marketing industry and what I would have to do to be a successful marketer in the future. I'd like to personally thank AIP in finding me the next best thing. I loved every bit of it.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I would definitely try to make more friends during my time.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Surprise after surprise!

Initially thought it was going to be a disaster but it was a complete 180!
When I heard my internship wasn't going to be in Bangkok but rather in another province, I immediately felt concerned about the safety of it all. But the company I interned took good care of me and even offered me an accommodation close to the site. It just made everything smooth and easy for me to adjust to everything. Really commending the AIP staff for placing me into this company and also for guiding me throughout the whole process. There was definitely some hiccup along the way when searching for the right company, but it all paid out in the end and I couldn't ask for a better experience!
I've already been offered a full time position but still contemplating whether or not I should take it because of this whole coronavirus.

What would you improve about this program?
I would like to have a list of companies that I can choose from rather than being received only one offer.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Worthwhile experience in Thailand!

The internship provided by AIP was very good, really enjoyed my stay in Thailand, and met a lot of new people. First of all, really appreciate the help of the program and the opportunity provided. I was really thrilled when received an acceptance letter from them. My parents were very happy and supportive from the very beginning, but my friends, on the other hand, felt bad, because that meant I would leave them for at least 3 months. After the acceptance, the process took around 2-3 months in total and of course there was plenty of back and forth communication, but it felt like smooth that I haven’t even realized how fast time flies. Second of all, after everything has been confirmed and the company offered my position, flights were booked and the visa was ready. So I flew to Bangkok and straight-up met at least 5 other interns even before starting my internship since they were staying in the same building. Can tell you in advance Friday evening gatherings were unforgettable. Apart from the internship experience itself there were few cultural trips organized by AIP, one was to the Authaya (sort of old capital of Thailand) and the second was to one of the islands. The food was extremely tasty and cheap, which made me less worried about budgeting for meals. Of course, not all of the program participants were easygoing, and only a few of them were quite toxic, but it is not really AIP to blame about it, since no such community that could be perfect. Finally, since AIP provided networking opportunities that I’ve been going to and using all of them. By doing so I expanded my business network quite a lot. Only my LinkedIn profile increased to 500+ connections from only 20 before the internship. On top of that, the majority of those connections were international, since the networking events were attended by people from different industries and different countries.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
I would honestly say the most surprising thing that I ever did was take this opportunity to do this internship and getting out of my comfort zones
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Yes, I recommend this program

Experiencing the Land of Smiles

Beautiful experience and I love Thailand so much it's crazy how much I've done in the past 2 months. I was filled with so much joy and just living in the city was such a crazy adventure. At first, I was so nervous that I wasn't going to survive in Thailand because I thought that no one could speak a word of English. Honestly, it's true, not a lot of people could speak but you could see foreigners left and right and you'd be surprised by the number of people that know how to speak English in the malls and general stores. This made is so much easier for me to get to places and explore the city as I please. Although, if any of you plan on coming to Thailand, many roads are pretty sketchy so always go with a friend, don't go alone.

AIP was a great internship provider as well. They always kept in touch with me and always asked how I was doing at work. There were a couple of times that I found myself lost in something and the people at AIP would be more than happy to help as fast as they could. It felt really nice to be in touch with someone all the time.

On top of everything, I had to chance to visit the islands that I wanted to and my god, they were so beautiful. Some of the beaches were clean and some were dirty, but it was still worth the experience.

What would you improve about this program?
I definitely recommend this program and if you have the opportunity, take it, and if you are scared to do anything new, get out of your comfort zone.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Life experience for sure

There are a few very important and vital points that I would like to describe here, so everyone who is looking for an internship program can use it to make a proper decision. First of all, going to a completely new country, that you’ve never been before will require a lot of research and preparation. In my case, due to tight schedule with exams I almost had no time to do so, as a result, chose a standard package with AIP, where they take care of all on-ground issues, including accommodation arrangement, meeting me at the airport, a local sim card and transportation card. By the time I arrived in Thailand, everything was taken care of and I was able to focus on internship experience itself. Second of all, internship experience might be not exactly as you would expect it to be. Don’t get me wrong that has nothing to do with AIP as an organization but mostly due to cultural differences, and work environment in general. The majority of companies in Thailand give their interns a lot of opportunities to bring something new. In comparison to other parts of the world where I had experienced before, where intern just needs to follow exact instructions and make sure everything executed on time. Last but not least, plan something outside of your work life. Of course all workdays you most likely will spend at the office and maybe some extra activities in the evening, however, the weekend will be free. Unless you’ve planned something in advance with your friends, you can organize some activities with other interns from AIP, who will also be in the country at that time. With me, I’ve managed to expand my network internationally and also in different sectors, since interns were from different industries.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
If you have the opportunity to do something, do it.