How was the application process? Can anyone let me know what to expect?

Posted by Samantha Dunn 7 years 6 months ago


From my experience it was pretty straight forward. You just need to fill out the online form, have 2 recommendation letters and they'll contact you for an interview. Mine was done over skype and they'll ask you some additional questions about your application and just pretty much try to get to know you!

The application is very straight forward and basic! It's a free application which is awesome! I had a phone interview and it was all very relaxed and laid back! Majority of the interview questions for me had to do with why I wanted to participate, how I think this will benefit me and etc.

The application is mostly basic information such as name, address, GPA. major, etc. You also choose your top three locations for shadowing (out of a large list) and from there you will be scheduled for a phone interview. I hope this helps!