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J-Term Maymester Summer Winter


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Program cost varies based on location and length of program. Check out the "Cities" page on our website for more information.
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Jun 08, 2023
Oct 27, 2023
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About Program

Atlantis is the #1, largest, and most reputable pre-health study abroad organization for US undergraduates. With shadowing experiences in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and more, our programs are perfect for students that are ready to see the world and can be combined into multi-country experiences. What better way to gain clinical hours than jet-setting around Europe! Students will shadow in top European hospitals with well-esteemed physicians and have the opportunity to explore the rich culture of the host cities.

As a pre-health student, we know how hard it can be to travel and balance a rigorous course load. However, professional schools are looking for students that can critically think about the world we live in and how to improve patient experience. With alumni in 40 of the top 50 MD programs, Atlantis prepares students for a future career in healthcare.

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  • Programs run during winter and summer breaks so there is no need to take time off during your academic semesters!
  • Rotate weekly through different specialties to gain exposure to various medical practices and procedures.
  • Immerse yourself in a program abroad to understand healthcare in a global context, and embark on weekly excursions to experience European culture, sights, and food.
  • You do not need to know any European languages to have an amazing and impactful experience!
  • Start dates for summer in April, May, June, July and August, and for winter in December and January.

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  • Growth 4.95
  • Support 4.95
  • Fun 4.9
  • Housing 4.8
  • Safety 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

One of the best experiences of my undergrad career - Viana do Castelo and Lisbon, Portugal

Shadowing was often 20+ hours per week across a broad range of specialties. My program managers responded very well to feedback and tried their best to get opportunities for us to shadow our top specialties. I was able to shadow specialties including general surgery, ICU, urology, psychiatry, neurosurgery, dermatology, the burn clinic, and pediatric anesthesiology. The physicians explained all of the procedures to us in English and were very welcoming. I discovered my passion for pediatrics through shadowing the pediatric anesthesiologist, and this experience really helped me confirm my desire to pursue a career in medicine.

The program directors were very involved and helpful. Carlos helped us practice our Portuguese whenever we’d order food or coffee and walked us to the hospital each day. He also messaged us throughout the day to make sure our shadowing experiences were going smoothly and always planned fun weekly excursions for us. Mari made me feel so safe and welcomed in Lisbon, giving us recommendations for restaurants to try or cool sites to visit. I even got to go to a few concerts for artists like A$AP Rocky because tickets were so cheap!

Housing was suite-style; I had a roommate who I knew before starting the program for the first half and had a room to myself for the second half. We shared a kitchen, living room, and bathroom and often cooked meals together :)

  • Intensive shadowing across a vast range of specialties
  • Helpful and involved program directors on-site
  • Lasting friendships!
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Atlantis Mantua, Italy EXPERIENCE

I went on an Atlantis Program in July of 2022 to Mantua, Italy for 3 weeks. From the Interview to getting prepped for my trip, to arrival at my apartment, shadowing and the excursions, it was a smooth process. I had the opportunity to shadow in the ER / ICU, Surgery, Immunohematology, Pediatrics, and got a private tour of their EMS system.

I was shadowing on average 5 hours per day, yet in surgery / ICU I got more because there were additional cases / I really wanted the hours. Yes you do have to wake up early, and be punctual for shadowing. I also explored near by cities such as Florence, Venice, Rome, Lake Garda which I made life long friends and experiences.

This program also gave me the realization that I wanted to dive into the business side of which I utilized the hours / experience on my MBA Application. Yes, it is also an investment in ourselves and careers just like any part of the MD / DO / PA / Nursing process. I highly recommend this program if you're looking for an adventure, hours, and friends for a lifetime!

  • Networking
  • Expanding your comfort zone
  • Seeing LOTS of great cases from specialties
  • If you don't like walking a lot
  • Your body adjusting to the food the first 1-2 days
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Yes, I recommend this program

I loved my Atlantis experience!

I attended an Atlantis program in Valladolid, Spain in July of 2019! I absolutely loved the program because I got to travel, meet new people, watch surgeries and consultations, explore multiple cities of Spain and experience the culture, get shadowing hours (which is required by a lot of the grad schools I’m applying to), and so much more! Now, 4 years later I am still benefiting from the program because I get to talk about it in my PA school applications and interviews! I would recommend this program to any pre health student because it’s a great way to get a feel for medicine and different specialties, study abroad, and make great connections!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Shadowing Abroad with Atlantis (Vigo,Spain)

In Summer 2022 I shadowed abroad in Vigo, Spain with Atlantis through the University of Florida and it was incredible ! After my first year of college , I decided that the business field did not capture everything I wanted so in 2020 I made the switch to the pre-med track. With Covid blooming I had a hard time finding shadowing opportunities due to safety and health concerns in hospitals. I resorted to virtual shadowing and learned all I could but I still wanted to have a in-person experience with physicians. My academic advisor brought to me the Atlantis shadow abroad in Spain and I jumped on the opportunity. In this experience I left the country for my first time and submerged myself in the Spanish culture. I always wanted to study abroad but it never worked with my schedule given all my pre-reqs. Atlantis allowed me to scratch that itch and be one-on-one to two-on-one with physicians in Spain. I went for four weeks and shadowed a different specialty every week ( ER, Neurology, ICU, Vascular Surgery) culminating a total of 96 hours. I got to see even more than those 4 specialties because the doctors would invite me to see more operations and consults. My experience opened my eyes to the various healthcare systems and has allowed me to better understand the different ways of approaching health.
I LOVED my location and where I got to live. For my first time out of the country I felt safe and secure Las I explored the city. I got to connect with prehealth students and also network with the physicians I met by getting their emails and keeping up contact. As I apply for medical schools now in the US this experience is consistently one I bring up in explaining my journey and love for medicine. I have grown tremendously in understanding of the duties and responsibility of a doctor because of this experience !

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Yes, I recommend this program

Atlantis experience combines medicine, culture, and lasting bonds into an unforgettable journey.

My Atlantis experience in Genoa was a transformative chapter that seamlessly intertwined academic exploration, cultural immersion, and personal growth. Through shadowing medical professionals, I gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of healthcare, fostering a deeper understanding of my future role as a speech language pathologist. Beyond the hospital, the city itself became my classroom, teaching me the art of cultural adaptability and offering a profound appreciation for diversity.

The guidance of our dedicated city manager, coupled with Atlantis' comprehensive support, ensured that every facet of the program was seamlessly orchestrated, allowing me to focus on extracting the utmost value from each moment. From indulging in delectable local cuisine to forming lasting bonds with peers from around the globe, every interaction contributed to a profound sense of cultural humility and camaraderie.

In retrospect, this experience has not only reinforced my passion for the medical field but also imparted life lessons that extend beyond textbooks. As I embark on the next phase of my journey, I carry with me a global perspective, an open heart, and the confidence to navigate the intricate tapestry of healthcare and human connection.

  • Immersive Learning: The Atlantis program in Genoa provided a remarkable opportunity for hands-on medical exposure, allowing me to witness the intricacies of healthcare in a real-world setting.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Beyond the hospital, the program enabled me to embrace the vibrant culture of Genoa, fostering a deeper appreciation for global diversity and expanding my worldview.
  • Supportive Network: The guidance of the city manager and Atlantis' comprehensive support structure ensured a seamless experience, offering a strong safety net and valuable insights throughout the journey.
  • While reflecting on my Atlantis experience, I find it challenging to pinpoint areas for improvement, as the program was well-organized and enriching in various aspects.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Atlantis Program in Portugal

I had an absolutely amazing experience in Portugal. I got to spend quality hours in the hospital, watching several surgeries, getting to know great doctors, and exploring different specialties. Outside of the hospital, I made great friends with my fellow Atlantis students, and we loved exploring our town and going on group excursions. I had the opportunity to immerse myself into a new culture by trying different foods, listening to different music, and getting to know our city manager. Overall, just a great experience and would totally do it again.

  • Builds your resume
  • An amazingly fun experience
  • Learn a lot about medicine.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Hospital site

Joining atlantis was one of the best decision I made. That did not just prepare me for my pre-med but helped me to socialize more, connect with professional people to whom I am connected with. They explained so well even though of language barrier. Despite of never visting greece I made a lot of new friends which will have special place and they will be forever. We were all from different backgrounds. Some downfall for me was jsut the housing as we had to share with 4 people of the group but that did not seem a problem later on for me as we got along.

  • Social more
  • gain professional strength
  • know the culture how they work
  • Homesicknesses
  • feeling we are behind than other students
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Justine Patrick
Yes, I recommend this program

Shadowing in Pavia, Italy (Lombardy Region)

This experience was the most life-changing and breath-taking moment of my undergraduate career. I was able to shadow so many professions around the Operating Room and various departments (like Urology, Neurology, and Pediatrics).
Outside of the hospital experience, I had so much free time to explore the city, eat quality italian food, and hangout with my cohort everyday!
The best parts were the weekly excursions and the freetime weekends we used to travel. I got to see so many beautiful sides of Italy.

  • Quality Food
  • Well kept rooms
  • Traveling to many beautiful cities
  • Be prepared for humid rooms
  • A lot of walking
  • Italians love to smoke Cigarettes (as with europeans in general)
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