How beneficial and in-depth were the academic courses offered?

Posted by Melissa Thomas 6 years 2 months ago


Hi! While I was abroad studying at FIE, I took two of their offered classes. The first was a course called British Life in Business, and the second was an Internship class. In British Life in Business, we learned a ton about the UK. We learned about the history of the monarchy, how businesses operate there, and about different governmental policies that effect businesses. It was particularly interesting because we were in the class when BREXIT was occurring, so we got first hand knowledge on something that was so huge and making history. My other favorite part of BLB, was the field trips. We got to visit Wimbledon, Parliament, the Chelsea soccer club, and even a brewery. At all of these field trips we got to learn about the different business operations and what occurred there. I would say the class was not incredibly intense but required a good amount of attention. We did not have too many outside assignments either. For the Internship class, we had the opportunity to debrief about the internships we had, and we worked toward professional development. The most tangible benefit from this class was a rockin’ LinkedIn profile and practice interviews. The classes I took while abroad offered me a different perspective on the world and on the UK. Overall it was a more than pleasant experience, and I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat.