A degree is required? And why an age 50 cut off?

Posted by Douglas Welsh 2 years 8 months ago


Hey Douglas,

Thank you for your message. A degree is required for your work visa, so if you intend to work in China upon graduating from our program, a degree is required for you to work legally in China. We've had alumni without degrees secure teaching positions in China, but they did this on their own since all schools we work with do require a Bachelor's degree.

The age cut off for the work visa is 53 years old, and schools are less likely to hire someone who's approaching that age. In our experience our "older" trainees had to apply to a far larger number of jobs than our "younger" ones before they were offered a position.

While everyone is welcome to take our course, we won't be able to provide much job placement assistance to people without a degree or over the age of fifty.

Hope that helps Douglas!

Does the bachelor degree need to be a major in English? Because I have a bachelor degree in behavioural neuroscience, but I would still like to participate in your course. Thanks in advance.

Hey Peter,

Thank you for your message. The degree does not have to be in English. We're happy to have you on one of our next courses!