AFS Year and Semester High School Abroad in Japan

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Current high school students are eligible! Specific age requirements may apply, so we encourage you to please contact AFS ( for more details. Students must also be in good academic standing (recommended GPA of 2.5 or above). Basic Chinese language skills are preferred, but not required. For more information, you can also visit the program page:

Hello Rushvi, AFS Intercultural Programs has partner offices around the world. You can see where AFS has a presence here: Thank you for your question, AFS-USA

Starting price: $10,000.00 for the semester

It largely depends on what host school you get assigned as well as which country you go to. I studied in Japan where there was a variety of after school clubs but there wasn't a dance clubs specifically.

I personally did not change families however a few of my friends told me their experiences. Changing host families is thought of within AFS as a last resort. Foreign Exchange has a lot of highs and lows so they don't want students to just change families because there was an argument or something. So understandably AFS discourages this and tries to have a mediator (your Liaison) work out what ever...

I believe it changes each year, currently on their website it is listed as $9550 USD but the price might be different depending on your country.… Attending a local volunteer info session or signing up for their online conference/presentations is a great time for further Q&A.

Yes! There are numerous scholarships available at the national and even local level.