Which programs are best for adults/seniors?

Posted by Lynn Koza 6 years 3 months ago


I took a look at EF's site and these programs are targeted for adults: http://www.ef.edu/pg/learn-language/spanish/spain/?source=0….
I hope that helps!

In my opinion it depends where you travel to. For example in Málaga, Spain we had lots of young people but in Barcelona, Spain we also had students aged around 30-70. The courses are mainly the same. Basic, general or intensive contain just a different amount of clases.

The age range is very diverse. Although the majority of the students are around 16-25, I have met many people of all ages at both schools in Madrid & Barcelona. Although I did come across a more older age group at the Madrid campus, I believe it's all a matter of what time of the year you go. Of course, you will come across more teenagers in the summer time so my best guess would to call and ask the school what months in the year bring in more adults/seniors!

Hi Lynn! All EF schools are open to adults but we actually offer programs just for adult sand professionals Paris, Madrid, and Munich. Classwork and activities are catered towards the interests of adults and professionals (think business Spanish followed by wine tasting at local tapas bar). The Admissions Team can help you pick the location that is the best fit for you. Thanks for your interest!