How much should I budget?

Posted by Maria Tagaro 7 years 3 months ago


I brought around $900 (USD). I still had about $300 leftover. However, I didn't spend much. Meals are very cheap. I didn't buy any tourist packages, Most I ever spent was at the weekend market (to buy things for my friends and family). My goal was to take this course very seriously, pass it and then hopefully, one day, come back again as a TESOL certified teacher and vacation in Thailand. ;) Hope this helped. Good luck in your travels!

I went to Phuket with my wife, and during the course we spent roughly $300 per week. So $150 per week per person should do you well. We mostly spent money on food and drinks, didn't make any tourist purchases. You could spend even less if you wanted to, but we ate at decent restaurants. Street food is incredibly cheap, and some people survive on that, but it is all fried and not particularly healthy. So like Lisa says, I think $600 should suffice, more if you want to get some clothes with elephant prints on it (please don't).