TEFL Campus Phuket: 120 Hour TEFL/TESOL Certification Course

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Validated by Fairmont State University, moderated by TEFL experts and licensed by Thailand's Ministry of Education, TEFL Campus is Phuket's highest-independently-rated TEFL training and certification course.

TEFL Campus' 120 hours of training include observed teaching practice, guided lesson planning and professionally designed lectures that prepare trainees for the classroom. We also offer a combined course option that allows you to study online before attending training for only two weeks.

We also offer meaningful job support that starts before the course begins and continues throughout your career. Our proven job support has helped hundreds of trainees find teaching jobs on Phuket, in Thailand and throughout Asia.

No other course offers the services we provide at the prices we offer. Sign up with TEFL Campus and receive unique discounts and special offers throughout the year.

  • University Validation
  • 98% Overall Customer Satisfaction
  • Comprehensive Job Support
  • Access to Graduates Community on Facebook
  • Meaningful Pre-arrival Support

Questions & Answers

Schools generally hire when they need teachers which is the beginning of the school year but from what I've seen, there are jobs being offered all year round (not as many choices thought). Each school has difference starting dates as a lot of the schools are private and choose their own holidays.
We received job placement information. Throughout the course we were offered to apply for a wide range of jobs from all over Thailand. After you complete the course, you are added onto a Tefl campus graduate Facebook page where jobs are posted all the time. Tefl Campus helped us refine and develop a good cv specific for teaching in Thailand and they prepared us on how to have a good demo lesson in...
I went to Phuket with my wife, and during the course we spent roughly $300 per week. So $150 per week per person should do you well. We mostly spent money on food and drinks, didn't make any tourist purchases. You could spend even less if you wanted to, but we ate at decent restaurants. Street food is incredibly cheap, and some people survive on that, but it is all fried and not particularly...
I checked their website and it looks like both a college degree and teaching experience aren't required! If you want more information take a look: http://www.teflcampus.com/tefl-tesol-courses/requirements/


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  • Benefits 9.5
  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 8.2
  • Facilities 8.8
  • Safety 9.3
  • Instruction 9.5
  • Support 9.4
  • Value 8.8
  • Academic Rigor 8.2
  • Job Assistance 8.7
  • Instruction 10
  • Support 10
  • Fun 10
  • Housing 10
  • Value 10
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Glad I did this course!

I did a lot of research to know:
1) If I wanted to do a TEFL-course and
2) Where to do a TEFL-course.
After a while I decided to do the course in Phuket.
Pre-course: I had a good and clear contact with Eric. He answered all my questions.
During the course: I learned a lot! I hadn't studies grammar for 12+ years, and some of the grammar was totally new for me. I never saw phonetics in my life before, so that was also something new.
We also had to teach Thai adults. If was stressful, but also fun. Eric and Simon attended us very well!

Phuket Town is a nice place to do the course. It's not supersupertouristy, but in the weekend you can discover the island (or other islands!) During the course I got a bicycle, and I used it a lot!

Overall: I'm happy with my choice, that I did the TEFL-course, and that I did it in Phuket!

How can this program be improved?
# a digital file of the course would be nice.
# teaching in a bigger class. Now you teach between 4 - 10 students, but I think a real Thai class is more than 20 students.
Yes, I recommend this program

TEFL Campus Phuket - Sept 2018

I think this is a very effective course to prepare you to teach English to secondary language learners. The course provides not only excellent content, but also live teaching experience. You'll be teaching in classrooms with typically eight or fewer students. This puts what you've learned immediately into practice. I found the teacher practices and reviews especially helpful to improve and gain confidence. The staff are competent, professional, and courteous. The facility is well maintained and conveniently located in Phuket Town with low cost accommodations and plenty of reasonably-priced restaurants located nearby. I gained some friends for life and will always have fond memories of the experience.

Yes, I recommend this program

Great value for money

It was the best month of my life not just because of the the knowledge that I learned, but because I also got a nice teaching experience with the Thai students. I've made lifelong friends. The course was a bit intimidating but worth it. It made me learn that if you want something and work hard towards it, you can make it. The staff are amazing and always ready and willing to help. Campus is also very central so the location was good. I've met some pretty amazing people in the past month. Great value for money because they really care about you and help you work on your strengths and weaknesses as well.

How can this program be improved?
No improvements necessary.
Systems in place. If it aint broke.....
Yes, I recommend this program
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Amani Khaled Ahmed

A wonderful and edifying experience!

The TEFL Campus course far exceeded my expectations- though teaching to teach may sound horrendously dull Eric, Simon, Goi and the whole team, made a topic which had the possibility to be horrendously dull was instead an incredibly enjoyable experience! Excellent job support was provided straight away and skills learnt are transferable regardless as to whether you intend to teach immediately post-course or not. An increasing turn towards online teaching may perhaps be addressed more fully but overall I didn't go out of my way to ask any of the instructors so the lack of initiative is not their responsibility. Could not recommend this course more.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Phuket Thailand TEFL Campus Review

Overall I am very glad I chose to do an in-class course. I feel our instructors did a very good job at preparing us for teaching in the classroom. We had plenty of guidance for how to plan lessons and we were able to understand what is involved in a typical english lesson. By the end of the course each student had taught 6 english lessons to local Thai People 16+ years old. In the beginning we were all nervous, but we were able to get past it and all successfully complete the course. This course has a big focus on grammar and phonetics, I personally did not know alot about either subject. The instructors did a good job at teaching us what we needed to know in these areas. The students in my course were very focused and motivated, but we still had time to go out and explore Phuket. This location has many westerners and it is rather easy to find western style food as it is to find Thai food. I was able to make the most of my time in Thailand by going out each week to explore something new. during my four weeks, I went to two beaches, walked up Monkey Hill, found a secret pool bar, went to local bars, a cat cafe, took a cruise to Phi Phi island, and visited an elephant sanctuary. During our course we also were able to learn about Thai culture and some even took Thai language lessons.

How can this program be improved?
Paper course materials are good to write on. But for the long term, for the students after the course, having a pdf file of the course packets is something I would have liked to have to look over in the future. Also, having more information about teaching in other countries (besides Thailand) would have been appreciated.
Yes, I recommend this program

Pema- Darjeeling, India

Learning is never ending process. We learn everyday but Teaching what you have learnt is a different thing and TEFL course taught me the way.
At first, I wasn’t sure if I had made a good choice by enrolling here but now I know I did made a pretty good decission. It was wonderful experience learning the different ways to teach. My batch mates were very supportive and the staffs were very nice and helpful. Before my course I was exploring other parts of Thailand and during the course I had time to explore Phuket too. Now I work and live here, thanks to TEFL Phuket.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great course with excellent support

I spent 4 weeks in Onsite TEFL Certification Full Course Package. Overall I would recommend this course. Eric and Simon are professional and were always around to give advice and help.

Before the course I had problems with the visa, but I got prompt full support visa and travel guidance.

I had 6 hours of real teaching practice with Thai students. I enjoyed teaching in different types of classes, to get a feel for what level I may like to teach.

Effective, individualized job support. 2 week after the course I already have a contract at an International School. The TEFL Campus and Eric are well-known in Phuket.

How can this program be improved?
This course was harder what I expected. Realy full time. I was soo tired at the and of the course. I think some homework are not really important. The lesson planning in the afternoon sometimes was stressful, I felt I haven't got enough time to finish it properly on time. It would be great if I have more time for that.
Yes, I recommend this program
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In-Class TEFL in Paradise

I am currently teaching english in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. I have taught in public schools and am currently teaching at two different language centers part time as well as doing a bit of online teaching during the week. I found it incredibly easy to find work here in Ho Chi Minh and I believe that my TEFL course more than prepared me for my jobs!

Getting my tefl in Phuket Thailand was an absolute DREAM and I would highly recommend this beautiful place. If you are a lover of the slow and laidback island lifestyle, then this place is for you. Take advantage of all the BEAUTIFUL islands and beaches right on your doorstep while taking this course and it will be so rewarding. The last two weeks can get very difficult and stressful as the workload is pretty intense, but there is still plenty of time for a relaxing weekend at Ao Yon beach! Go on trips to Krabi or Phi Phi your first two weekends when the workload is still light, I promise you, you will not regret it.

As someone who can get very nervous and shaky speaking in front of an audience, the chance to teach several of my own class during this course as practice with real students was totally invaluable. I don't think I ever would have been able to get up in front of my first real class without this in-class practice first. And now it is a total breeze. They also make you feel MORE than prepared with your grammar and phonetics.

The instructors are funny and wonderful. They really make you enjoy what you are learning.

I will say that the one negative thing about all this is that for my friends who have stayed behind to teach in Thailand, I have not heard great things about the schools or teaching experience there. Personally I am really enjoying Vietnam, but I've not heard the same from my peers back in Phuket. Might just be the school, but it's something to consider.

How can this program be improved?
There are a few projects and assignments that are not so important that could be cut down or shortened so that people could rest a bit more as the end of the course can get very stressful.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Excellent program, excellent instructors.

If you want to try teaching ESL then this is the course for you. The program is pretty intensive but manageable. And they prepare you to be in the classroom. Their grammar teacher was excellent. The course was fun, I made nice friends, had a good time. The staff was supportive and experienced. They put students in the classroom the first week of school. But that's how you learn to teach - by doing it. Such a valuable course - I just finished my Masters in ESOL and I can tell you that I learned things in this course that I still do today that I didn't learn in University. Very practical things - how to use games and music in the classroom - how to elicit responses from the class - how to teach grammar! Great course when I took it.

How can this program be improved?
make it longer? Dunno - was a good course.
Yes, I recommend this program
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TEFL Campus Phuket Combined Class Review

The program was a great way to develop TEFL skills for teachers and allowed me to network with other future TEFL teachers as well as connected me with TEFL schools in the area. The school was small but allowed for a one-to-one experience and evaluation that promoted my teaching skills. I thought the first day was very stressful but also a great way to immerse oneself into teaching. We were all tasked with teaching a 5-10 minute lesson on any topic of our choice by the end of the day.
The combined program allowed for me to focus on my job search during the day and teaching in the afternoon/evening. I completed all of the English courses online previously. The teacher allowed me to attend the English teaching development courses if I wanted and this is a great way to further refine those skills.
Overall it was a great value for the money and a smart way to network and find nearby schools willing to hire teachers with a variety of background, experience, and education.

How can this program be improved?
This program seemed quite effective and the only way I could think would be improved would be adding pick up and drop off service for the program. Some of the accomodations were a bit far of a walk.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Great program, the assistance and on the ground support from the company is great. Eric the owner is very helpful and insightful. Had a great experience and helped me find a job that I loved! The one month program is good to feel out the country and try and figure out where you want to teach. The cities, islands and mountains up north are absolutely spectacular. Before you go out to Thailand or any country make sure that you go out a month or 2 before the beginning of their semester to complete your training and be on the ground when the schools are looking to hire. Overall the program set me up for the best year of my life. I can also now teach in over 100+ countries and look forward to what the future has to offer.

How can this program be improved?
Not such an emphasis on the lesson planning as in the real teaching opportunities it is jot as stressful and time consuming as the company prepares you for. Better to be over prepared than underprepared though!
Yes, I recommend this program
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It's absolutely everything you need to start your journey to become English teacher. Very intense and demanding, so by the end you'll be exhausted, but very happy! Practice lessons you'll have with students will let you taste how working as teacher looks like and also give you a little of precious experience. Eric and Simon offer not just knowledge, but also any assistance and support you might need during the course.
Course definitely worth doing!

Yes, I recommend this program
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TEFL Campus Phuket

Great course. Provides a good base of knowledge and also the knowledge on how to go about continuing to learn and advance should you choose to. Actual practice teaching and lesson planning along with learning aspects of the English language that we, as native speakers, might not be consciously aware of that are very important to teaching English to speakers of other languages.

On a more personal note, if you are like me and tend to do better with more gradual learning, you may find this course a bit stressful. It's very much a dive-right-in style, which it has to be because of the amount of content they fit into a very short time. It's still very doable and just try to be open to making mistakes. The more you make in the course the more you can avoid later in an actual job. The staff are good about giving constructive criticism and helping you learn from each experience. They can also be very direct in telling you if you have certain things that you really need to work on. Again, if you're like me, just remember that now is the time to hear this stuff so you can be aware of it and work on it for your actual job if you are planning on getting a job after.

The area was very enjoyable. Lots of places and things to do within walking distance, and even more if you rent a motorbike. Buses were easy to use, especially since most of the people were very friendly and helpful even if you didn't know any Thai. The beaches were stunning. The food was excellent. There was not a lot of time during the course to go do larger things like island tours or zip-lining, elephant sanctuary, staying the night elsewhere. Certainly doable, but there is a bit of work outside the classroom, so I personally didn't have time to do a lot of sightseeing and such during the course. For that reason, if you don't plan on staying in Thailand, I would recommend, if you can, at least staying a couple weeks after the course.

Stayed at both Phuket Center Apartments (only for 4 days) and Sakul House (for the rest of the time). Both were great. Phuket Center Apartments (PCA) has larger rooms with a more western style shower and much less noise pollution from the road. The internet seemed a bit tricky for the few days I was there, but maybe easy enough to get used to. There is a great little store right outside of PCA for snacks and water, soap, shampoo, etc. Very close to lots of restaurants and shops and a walking street market on the weekends. Sakul House is a bit more homey, less hotel-like. It came to feel like a second home. Rooms are smaller, but still plenty of room, especially since most of the time other than sleeping and homework is spent outside the room. The road noise is definitely loud if you're not used to that sort of thing. The owner is awesome and the lady that cleans the rooms as well. Also within easy walking distance of several restaurants and still pretty easy walking distance into Old Phuket, even though it's farther than from PCA. There's even a new market that opened up right next to it. The giant weekend market is about a 20 minute walk from Sakul. Both are easy walking distance to the school.

Both the course and Thailand were amazing. Would highly recommend this to anyone interested in teaching English as a foreign language and even if you're not interested in that, I would highly recommend visiting Thailand. Learned lots and had a ton of fun.

How can this program be improved?
Not a lot in the way of snacks/refreshments provided at the school. There is a cafe nearby, though. The Thai lessons didn't seem very well thought-out/planned. Although this might have been because the normal person who did the Thai lessons wasn't available the month I was there...

Didn't feel like I was always on the same page as the instructors when it came to lesson planning, not totally following their line of thought, etc., and got the sense that I needed to be or I was doing it wrong in their opinion. Was great getting their feedback and hearing their thoughts since they have so much experience, but might also be nice if they gave a bit more direction if they're wanting something specific, or be more open to the fact that some people won't be thinking on their same wavelength, especially if they've never done anything like this before. Doesn't mean we're stupid or can't do it or won't get better. Just that we don't know what they know and don't have the experience they have. Things they think are very simple might not be so simple for others. Maybe be more aware of this when giving feedback and criticism so it doesn't come across as though, if you don't pick everything up perfectly in the very short time of the course, then you are not doing well at all.

Also, would be nice to make sure it's very clear that things like sunscreen and bug spray, while available, are expensive. So it's a good idea to bring them with you if you can.
Yes, I recommend this program

Highly recommend!

Thailand is a beautiful country and it was amazing meeting my fellow TEFL students and Thai locals. This course is worth what you pay and more. There is a lot packed into the 4-week course but it's well worth it! The time will fly by especially in Phuket! I am currently back in the US now but am already planning my next trip back! I plan to teach online for now but I am grateful for the experience I gained during the course. I was lucky to have such skilled instructors and great feedback after my practice lessons.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great Course

The course with TEFL Phuket was good! They help you find a job and a lot of assistance after. Im not native English speaker so was little worried if I would be able to do it but it all went fine, even learning how to teach was scary at first but they help you build up till you can do it own your own. We had nice and friendly classes, in real life its not always like that of course. All in all a good course, little pricy but thats for everyone different I guess.

Yes, I recommend this program


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