Did you guys find it easy to make friends? Where there a lot of activities/excursions?

Posted by Cynthia Liang 7 years 7 months ago


Hi Cynthia,

It was very easy to make friends! Don't worry about that at all. There are people from different walks of life and varying personalities, but somehow, we can all relate to each other. I think it takes a certain type of person with specific character traits to either volunteer in a different country and/or take on language courses. The most important thing to remember is that everyone is in the same boat as you. No one has all of life figured out and no one has all the answers. People are travelling to learn about cultures and learn about themselves. Meet people and learn as much as you can!

As for activities, yes there is tons to do! I spent 3 weeks in Cusco and I went paragliding, horseback riding, 3 day excursion to the Amazon, 2 day excursion to Macchu Picchu, ATV-riding in the Sacred Valley, and there's more to do! You should know that I hadn't booked anything in advance and just showed up, asked questions and went from there. Hope you have a blast!

Yes, it was very easy to make friends! Everyone in my host home got along wonderfully. I even made friends at my volunteer site and through the Spanish classes I took with Maximo Nivel. There are also endless activities you can participate in. You can easily plan everything ahead of time, and still have the option to do more once you arrive in Peru. Personally, I enjoyed Machu Picchu, and visiting some of the caves in the Cusco area. There is horseback riding, even more ruins to see (The Sacred Valley), night life in Cusco's city center, shopping, etc.

I travelled alone to Cusco (and to Antigua, Guatemala another time), and yes, there are always people around to make friends with and the Maximo Nivel staff are terrific! Very friendly and helpful with all needs and wants, from orientation, to where best to shop and sites to see. They will also put you in touch with World Travel (also in their building) and other reputable travel agencies for all of your extra gravel needed while in country. They are a wonderful bunch of people both in Cusco and Antigua!