Native Spanish Program — Immerse Yourself in Peru

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200 steps up at Ollantaytambo ruins on a weekend day trip.
Mugging with a homestay friend at a shop that gives great discounts to Maximo Nivel participants.
Maximo Nivel Spanish Class on a field trip to see the Hiram Bingham exhibit at the Casa Concha Museum.


Maximo Nivel offers Spanish immersion programs at our institute in Cusco, Peru. Our Native Spanish Program is ideal for students, professionals, and adventure seekers. Basic to Advanced levels are available. Expand your studies with optional service learning and internship programs.

Our Native Spanish Program is the most intensive and professional Spanish language program in Latin America. Spanish classes emphasize oral communication and integrated skills development to help you really build your Spanish language proficiency.

Spanish programs include:

- Airport pick-up
- Spanish language certificate
- All books and materials
- In-country orientation, safety presentation, and walking tour
- Free Office-wide WiFi and computer lounge
- Home-base facilities and multi-lingual team support 7 days/week
- Free Salsa lessons
- Free Cooking lessons
- Activities calendar

University credit is available via our official School of Record: California State University-Monterey Bay

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Questions & Answers

I travelled alone to Cusco (and to Antigua, Guatemala another time), and yes, there are always people around to make friends with and the Maximo Nivel staff are terrific! Very friendly and helpful with all needs and wants, from orientation, to where best to shop and sites to see. They will also put you in touch with World Travel (also in their building) and other reputable travel agencies for all...


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  • Instruction 8.8
  • Support 9.5
  • Fun 9
  • Housing 9.2
  • Value 9
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Yes, I recommend this program

Tres semañas em Cusco

I can define the experience in Cusco as unforgettable.
Cusco is a very beautiful city and very friendly people.
In Máximo Nível tudo everything was very good and recebi great support and attention from all teachers and the administrative part. I finish the course very satisfied.
I think Cusco and Maximo Nìvel were an excellent choice and I suggest for everyone.

Thanks for everything, I intend to return as possible.

What would you improve about this program?
I suggest doing an exam at the end of the course, considering the level that the student began the course and a new test when it ends. This will be very good for the evaluation of its development, as well as to propose opportunities for improvement and attention.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Spanish class program

I stayed in Cusco, Peru for 6 weeks. I did 4 weeks of Spanish classes through Maximo Nivel and traveled throughout Peru. I LOVED every part-the homestay, the classes, teachers, school, and all the facilities. The school is super helpful in any recommendations and safety tips, and the travel agency they work closely with enhanced the stay! Through the travel agency they work with, I was able to travel to the mountains, lakes, Lake Titicaca and floating islands, the amazon, Nazca, Huacacchina, and Paracas. They were very helpful and made every trip I took safe, secure, and enjoyable. I highly recommend this program!

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Yes, I recommend this program


Translated Review:
The Spanish classes were very good. It was a very amazing experience.

Original Review:
Foram muito boas as aulas de espanhol. Foi uma experiência muito incrível.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great time

I have loved studying at Maximo Nivel. My teachers were amazing. My favorite part of each class was the conversation. I feel like I was able to work on getting my ideas out as quickly and as accurately as possible. And that is a very important skill to have, while traveling in Spanish speaking countries and in life in general. I also really enjoyed having a teacher who was around my age. Karla was so fun to be in class with because she made each lesson less like class and more like a fun conversation with a friend. She gave great recommendations for things to do in the Cusco area. The free salsa class is a great bonus too! I am very grateful for all that I have learned at Maximo Nivel.

What would you improve about this program?
Maybe include more homework from the textbook. Or just give students recommendations on how to use the textbook independently.
Yes, I recommend this program

Maximo Peru

I like Maximo.
I think that the price for the homestay could change and be more reasonable in price.

Overall, the experience was good. I enjoyed my classes and teachers here. I liked that the school has english classes for Peruvians and I was able to meet new Peruvian friends here.
I think the tandem program is really useful, I now have a great Peruvian friend that I think I will have for a long time. We speak more spanish than english, but that is ok.
I like that maximo has a computer lab and a cafe.

What would you improve about this program?
I would hire another tutor at maximo.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Una escuela buena y de respecto

Quiero agradecer a todos por todo el tiempo que estuve acá en Cusco, especialmente las profesoras y funcionarias de la escuela Maximo Nivel. Llegué acá con un poco de miedo, por que siempre es extraño estar en un sítio con una cultura totalmente diferente de la suya, Sin embargo, yo me senti como se estuviera en mi casa (Brasil), pues fui muy bien recepcionado por todos.

Gracias a todos de Maximo Nivel por esa oportunidad unica en mi vida. Aprendí español y, sobretodo, tuve relaciones humanas y experiencias fantasticas acá.

Mi corazón es mitad peruano ahora. ¡Hasta luego!

What would you improve about this program?
A mi me gustó todo el programa.
Yes, I recommend this program

Tempo em Peru

It was incredible to experience at the highest level, thank you for teaching me, I feel safer with Spanish now. I have nothing to complain about the teachers, the secretarial staff all very attentive. Many thanks to all <3

Foi incrível a experiência em maximo nivel, agradeço pelo aprendizado, me sinto mais segura com o espanhol agora. Nao tenho do que reclamar os professores, o pessoal da secretaria todos muito atenciosos, ameiii. Muchas Gracias a todossss <3

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Yes, I recommend this program

Spanish for two weeks

I have been in Cusco for two weeks learning Spanish with the help off an amazing teacher by the name Carla.
I´ve been taking the 4 hours a day mixed class which was very good and enough time. I have improved my language knowledge and also gotten a lot off tips and knowledge about Peru and Cusco.
The school also have a lot of actives that you can do out of class, like salsa and cookingclass which is really fun, and I recommend you to participate if you go to Maximo Nivel.
I have also gotten a lot of friends form all over the world!
The facility is very clean and has a nice cafeteria.
The staff is super helpful and nice.
If your thinking about going to Spanish school in Cusco, choose Maximo nivel :)

What would you improve about this program?
I can´t think of anything my experience was really good.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Viver em Cusco

Enchanted with my trip to Cusco. An incredible experience. Learning Spanish at Maximo Level has allowed me to meet people from all over the world. It's a very efficient and appropriate method to learn Spanish. The classes are catered to the learning and feedback processes. I really enjoyed the learning I achieved in the three weeks I was in class. I lived incredible moments and I improved my Spanish a lot. Very grateful to Maximo Nivel and the people who live in Cusco.

Encantada com minha viagem a Cusco. Uma experiencial Incrivel. Fazer Espanhol em Maximo Nivel me proporcionou conhecer pessoas de todas as partes do mundo. O método muito eficiente e didatido para aprender Espanhol. As classes sao direcionadas ao processos de aprendizagem e feddback. Gostei muito da evolucao que consegui no aprendizado nas tres semanas que estive em aula.
Vivi momentos incriveis e pude melhorar muito meu Espanhol. Muito agradecida a Maximo Nivel e as pessoas que vivem em Cusco.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great program to take you to the next level

I was looking for programs for awhile to be able to take my Spanish to the next level. I found these guys surfing the web and couldn´t believe how much cheaper it was compared the programs that my university suggested. The program itself is great. There´s much support if you need help and the teachers couldn´t be better. I chose the program in Cusco Peru, which is an amazing city as well .I definitely recommend studying abroad with Maximo!

What would you improve about this program?
The affiliated agency could be cheaper. I was going to go to Machu Picchu with American Inca Trail however the prices were too expensive.
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No, I don't recommend this program

False advertisements - BEWARE

My family of 3 signed up for a volunteer Holiday experience with IVHQ. After we started the application, we received a message telling us to deal with Maximo Nivel.
Maximo Nivel is LESS than STRAIGHTFORWARD.
a. Prior to arriving to Cusco, Peru, we were told that we could bring gifts to the orphanage. That was exactly what we did. We brought 2 suitcases of hygienic products, toys, can food, new clothing, etc. and handed over to the Director on our first day. The suitcase clearly marked as we told her they were for the orphanage. She gladly accepted. Not until we spent the day at "the orphanage" did the orientation woman told us "oops, it's not really an orphanage". To say that we were shocked would be an understatement.
b. Again, prior to arriving to Cusco, we were told to pay for the 5-day Spanish class. It was a 4-day. The front desk lady told us that Maximo Nivel would send the refund for 1 day for 2 people via Paypal. That was 2 weeks ago and nothing has happened.

What would you improve about this program?
Honesty is what Maximo Nivel is lacking, big time! It's a really bad idea for Maximo to be exposed in public forum, i.e. facebook or the likes, but more importantly, it's morally wrong.
Response from Maximo Nivel

Hi Kelly,

We’ve discussed this feedback with you via email and I believe we have resolved this with you directly. As this is a public forum, let me address the two issues that you’ve raised here and how we have resolved them for you:

1) You were told that your donations would go to an orphanage.
The program itinerary that we provided to you stated “Christmas Party at a Childcare Project.” As we state on our website at, our childcare projects include community centers, after school projects, schools, daycares, and orphanages. There is no false advertising on Maximo’s part.

2) There was a delay in your refund for Spanish classes.
We sincerely apologize that we did not provide you with better service. We pride ourselves on great client service. We definitely should have made that refund happen faster, and I want to apologize again for the delay in processing it. As you know, to demonstrate how important great service is to us, we have refunded you the entire week of Spanish, not just the one day you missed due to the Christmas holiday on 25 December.

I have personally worked with my team to make sure that we improve in these areas and I hope you know that we’ve taken your complaints very seriously.

Kind regards,

Dan Quick
Country Manager, Peru

Yes, I recommend this program

Great program - highly recommended!

I came to Maximo Nivel already having advanced Spanish from a former program. My friend and I took classes together with the goal of perfecting our Spanish skills and growing to sound more "local" (though we will never look like locals!) In our weeks of class at Maximo, we learned lots of slang words, idiomatic expressions, advanced vocabulary, and more about the culture and social problems of Peru. All of this is very important since I plan to live in South America for several years and want to be as relatable as possible to the local people. I was very happy with my experience at Maximo Nivel!

What would you improve about this program?
- Less expensive
- More advanced group classes
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Yes, I recommend this program

amazing experience

I' ve been in Cusco for one month studing at Maximo Nivel.
I' ve learnt so fast Spanish thanks to my teachers Rosa and Vanessa. Classes were just great.
I am so happy and thankful for the time spent here. Really recommend such an amazing experience!
At my homestay I had the chance to be in contact with the local culture and traditions.
Furthermore I had fun with so many new friends exploring the city and all the attractions here.
Everything was so amazing that I just would like to stay more :)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Ever

<i can´t say enough good about how positive my experience has been once again (my second time here) the staff are incredibly helpful, they all speak English as well as Spanish and are always very patient and interested to resourceful. My teacher, Vaneza, was the best ever of my different teachers. She knew how to help me build self esteem through building skill levels with the classes. I´d highly recommend this school to any of my friends or family and what a great town to have time to play in !!

What would you improve about this program?
A space with carpet and Yoga mats for breaks...
Yes, I recommend this program

Ótima experiência! - Great experience!

Fui com minha mãe à Cusco para fazer 2 semanas de curso de espanhol e tivemos uma ótima experiência na escola, que tem uma estrutura muito boa e ótimos professores. Está localizada em uma das principais ruas (Av. El Sol) e oferece várias atividades extras como aula de cozinha peruana (que foi dada em inglês, detalhe que não curti, já que estava fazendo aula de espanhol...), conversação com outros alunos (tandem conversarion - estrangeiros x locais) e aulas de salsa (todas grátis). Como perdemos 2 aulas em razão de internação no hospital, devido a aclimatação, nos deram a opção de repô-las, o que achei bem legal. Staff muito bacana - professores de espanhol cusqueños! Recomendo :)

I went with my mother to Cusco to take a 2 week Spanish course and had a great experience at school, which had a very good structure and great teachers. It is located in one of the main streets (Av. El Sol) and offers several extra activities such as Peruvian cooking class (which was given in English, a detail that I did not enjoy since I was doing Spanish class ...), conversation with others students (tandem conversation - foreigners x locations) and salsa classes (all free). As we lost 2 classes due to hospitalization (due to acclimatization), they gave us the option to replace them, which I found to be very just. Staff very nice - Spanish teachers from Cuzco! I recommend :)

What would you improve about this program?
Ficando mais claro que COINED e Máximo Nível são/estão na mesma escola e aula de cozinha peruana em espanhol !