Do I have to pay anything to take part in this project?

Posted by Anuki Tcheishvili 3 years 4 months ago

And what is the duration of it?


You must pay a small registration fee of around 100 Euro, and a deposit of 50 euro that will be returned at the end of the course, if all your items are returned. So it is almost free. A Food allowance is provided through th course, but will not cover everything. So you should plan to have about 20 euro for each week, depending on your expenses.

The duration of the course is roughly 5 months. All the accommodation and transportation within the course dates is paid for by the organisation.

Yes, up-to-date details can be sought from the centre itself, but last year there was a €100 contribution towards costs and a €50 deposit. Basic accommodation and basic foodstuffs are included in return for a lot of training experience, lots of teaching and the CertTESOL qualification. It's hard work but worth it!