AuPairing as a couple?

Posted by Karlie Steinmeyer 7 years 9 months ago

My boyfriend and I are trying to find a program that will allow an au pair couple, or live in the same city. Any insight?


Hello Karlie!

The best for you is maybe to ask directly to Lopair. But for my experience, I arrived at the same time as 2 other Au Pairs, and we had the opportunity to see each other quiet often (and the other Au Pairs too).

You just have to warn Lopair and your future host families, it would be also better if they already had an Au Pair before so they know what is in the contract ;)

Wish you the best !

Hi Karlie,

I agree with Clara that asking directly Lopair ( is the best idea. I am 99% sure it's impossible to have two au pairs in the same family, but I think you guys can manage to be placed in the same city! The matching process might just take a little bit longer, because you have to make sure you both find your families in the same city.

Hope this helped, and let me know if there's anything else I can do! :)