How did the credits transfer to your colleges?

Posted by Hannah Holzer 5 years 4 months ago


I participated in the first ever semester of the program, at which time Loop Abroad was still working on getting credits to transfer to colleges. However, I was still able to get 5 credits transferred to my university by talking to my advisor (my transcript lists them as 'overseas study in zoology' credits). I showed her the semester syllabus and explained what I would be doing, and she was able to enter those credits into my transcript - our agreement was that I would keep a journal during my trip and submit a short reflection essay at the end of the semester. I think now it should be easier to get more credits recognized by your university, though, because Loop Abroad has been working hard to communicate with schools to get the program's credits recognized. I would talk with your advisors and with Loop Abroad to see what can be done for you to get as many credits recognized as possible. I hope that helps a bit!