my rocky experience

Housing: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Value: 10
Safety: 9

Well, my life here has been amazing, I'm really enjoying this opportunity to work and live in the rockies! I cant choose just one story about my experience . I have been meeting a lot of new people from everywhere, I love this moment to share different cultures and also learn about it, I'm so excited because I came here for work and save money, but I didn't know I would have so much fun, I feel so lucky, I have good friends, coworkers, housemates and I live in the most beautiful town . what more can I ask for.. !

When I was in my country I knew it will be a wonderful year but I never imagine how is this helping me, I'm without my family and friends but I havent feel bad or alone at all. I feel so mature now, I can organize my life perfectly and I think I'm ready for something new. I will always remember canada and all my stories here, I choosed the right way for one year full of experiences.

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