Couldn't have been better!

Impact: 8
Support: 8
Fun: 9
Value: 7
Safety: 7

This was my first time volunteering and I loved it. I had originally signed up to do six weeks of temple renovation, however ended up doing something different every week! They are very flexible as to what projects you work on so long as you spend your time productively.
All the projects I worked on were overseen by friendly local coordinators, who are more than happy to help out and translate if needs be. The local people are also very friendly and are so happy to have you helping them.
Sri Lanka as a place is stunning- The views and scenery is unreal. There is loads of great day trips to do at the weekends in your spare time. I would highly recommend Adams Peak if you like to hike! Do keep in mind though, drinking is not huge in Sri Lankan culture, so if you're wanting to come for three weeks of hardcore partying every night- This is maybe not the place for you. That said, we did have a couple 'drinkey' nights on occasion.
The accommodation is by no way five star, however it was what I was expecting whilst volunteering. The other volunteers who were also there we so friendly and helpful which gives the who house a family feel to it. The food was great, staff were great- I really can't fault it!

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