Sketching Firenze

Academics: 3
Support: 4
Fun: 4
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

I took Florence Sketchbook at FUA. We had assignments to do every week, but I found myself inspired to draw outside of class and that which was not assigned to me. Every day I would take my sketch book and sit on the Arno and just find some ornate design or piece of architecture that I was captivated and intrigued by. I sat on the ledges by the Arno River and just sketched. What I found was that people would walk over to me and just look at what I was drawing. The difference between Europe and the United States is that if I were to draw in New York, no one would really find that activity all that interesting and with the hustle and bustle of that city, everyone is always on the move and extremely busy. In Florence, the pace slows down, and people are actively involved in the beauty and history that is Florence. Individuals look around, interact with strangers, and different cultures converge in this magnificent city. I miss the feeling of comfort that I felt in Florence just being able to be alone and talk to others who were actually interested in the art that I was rendering.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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