Study Abroad in Italy at Florence University of the Arts
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Study Abroad in Italy at Florence University of the Arts

Studying abroad at FUA is characterized by the institution’s efforts in cultural integration. The institution’s position places FUA in direct contact with the city’s culture, movements, and events. The mission is to offer university level academics and services that not only bring about learning, but most importantly an active understanding, participation and contribution to the city by students from all academic fields, personal backgrounds, and nationalities.

Florence University of the Arts comprises many different schools within Florence including the following:

* Apicius International School of Hospitality
* DIVA - Digital Imaging and Visual Arts
* FAST - Fashion and Accessories Studies and Technology
* IDEAS - Interior Design, Environmental Architecture and Sustainability
* SAS - School of Arts and Sciences
* ISB - International School of Business
* J School - School of Journalism, Communication and Publishing

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Europe » Italy
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Direct Enrollment
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Art History
Creative Writing
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Global Studies
Graphic Design
Health Sciences
Interior Design
International Business
Jewish Studies
Landscape Architecture
Liberal Arts
Middle Eastern Studies
Service Learning
Social Sciences
Sustainable Development
Theater, Drama and Dance
Visual Arts
Web Design
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High School Diploma
Academic Year
Short Term
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Some Meals
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Program Reviews (7)

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23 years old
Allentown , PA
Muhlenberg College

Sketching Firenze


I took Florence Sketchbook at FUA. We had assignments to do every week, but I found myself inspired to draw outside of class and that which was not assigned to me. Every day I would take my sketch book and sit on the Arno and just find some ornate design or piece of architecture that I was captivated and intrigued by. I sat on the ledges by the Arno River and just sketched. What I found was that people would walk over to me and just look at what I was drawing. The difference between Europe and the United States is that if I were to draw in New York, no one would really find that activity all that interesting and with the hustle and bustle of that city, everyone is always on the move and extremely busy. In Florence, the pace slows down, and people are actively involved in the beauty and history that is Florence. Individuals look around, interact with strangers, and different cultures converge in this magnificent city. I miss the feeling of comfort that I felt in Florence just being able to be alone and talk to others who were actually interested in the art that I was rendering.

How can this program be improved?

The program could be improved by getting a more diverse student body of not only Americans, but people from other locations in order to have different interactions amongst the students.

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24 years old
Brighton, Michigan
Grand Valley State University

Semester at FUA in Florence, Italy!


Studying abroad for a semester in Florence was the best semester by far. Even though we did not have a dryer, a microwave, and ranch dressing, and I had to pay for water at all of the restaurants, those were memories I will never forget. I loved learning new things every single day and how the culture in Italy and Europe is different than in the U.S. Although some days were slightly difficult, it was all worth it in the end.

How can this program be improved?

At FUA there are two student run restaurants- one is a bakery and the other is a sit down restaurant. My program had me purchase 75 meal units to use at both places and honestly I was not the biggest fan of them. I struggled to use all of my units.

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24 years old
Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Central Michigan University

Food and Wine Pairing


My class exceeded my expectations. I loved every day I was in Italy and Florence is the perfect city to live in. I would do it again in a heart beat! Studying abroad is a learning experience that can not be taught any other way.

How can this program be improved?

I enjoyed my program, the class, and my living situation. If there is anything that could be improved it would be the preparation. I did not feel very prepared going on this trip. There was not much information sent to me before hand unless I found it at my own university.

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24 years old
Florence, Italy
University of Central Florida

Amazing Experential Learning Opportunities


I enrolled in FUA's 1 year Publishing Career Program as a post undergraduate student from the US. Having had 6 internships in undergrad before my time at FUA, I was impressed but the professional opportunities FUA provided directly through my career program's structure. Aside from creating a published book for a prestigious Florentine company by the end of the program, FUA provided additional projects through their different departments to further professional experience gained including writing for and editing the school's semesterly magazine, volunteer opportunities within the community and seminars that focused on specific tracks.

FUA is located directly in the center of Florence, providing the ability to use the historical center as a muse and learning point for many of the artistic and history based classes taught at the school. My absolute favorite experience with the school was being able to eat at Ganzo, FUA's restaurant that also serves as a learning lab for some of their culinary students. The meals served there were always unique with a spin on classic Tuscan dishes. I never left Ganzo hungry. Some of the head chefs are Michelin star, so eating meals prepared by a teams of chefs under their supervision made the experience that much better. Ganzo also has one of the best and most affordable aperitivos in Florence.

Overall, I enjoyed my time from start to finish at FUA. I credit the school for my falling in love with Florence and know the work I produced there during my studies will impress those I share with back in the stated once I apply for jobs. I would recommend their programs to anyone looking to study in Florence, Italy.

How can this program be improved?

I would have the library stay open longer hours as many students in college tend to study late at night or early in the morning. I would also suggest the gym hours to be extended since some program's classes can last all day.

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24 years old
Orlando, Fl
University of Central Florida



We had two classes, Food and Wine Pairing and International Gastronomy. Both the instructors and the classes were excellent. The exams were harder than expected, but fair.

I loved Florence and intend to return. I recommend while being there to take advantage of your brief time and experience everything to the fullest. If you feel well rested at any point, reconsider your life choices.

How can this program be improved?

I wish my program were longer.

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32 years old
Charleston, Illinois
Eastern Illinois University

My experience


I absolutely enjoyed my entire trip to Florence. The time spent in class was a perfect amount of time to be able to learn in the classroom as well as experience Italy on our own. I REALLY enjoyed the day trips and thought they were so informative, well planned, and very fun. It was nice that the school also provided trips outside of school as well (the EFT trips) which I did take advantage of and was so glad that I did. Even though we hit a few problems along the way (the VERY busy train!) it was nothing we could control and our leaders were helpful, knew what to do and made the trip very fun. The only complaint I have is that when we arrived to our apartment, it was not yet ready and looked as if the former residents had just left- there were bags of garbage, the fridge was dirty, food everywhere and lots and lots of personal items left behind. We had to walk around the city to wait for our apartment to be cleaned and ready and after traveling for more than 12 hours and no idea where to go or where anything was, it was a bit frustrating. That being said, when we got back to our apartment it was nice and clean and we had no more issues. That was really the only problem I faced during this trip. Loved my trip overall!

How can this program be improved?

I enjoyed the program as is. I would have liked to cook more in the kitchens.

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57 years old
Orlando Florida
University of Central Florida

Mixed results


The instructors work hard and do well.
Ganzo is well received with good food and service.
The administrative staff in general seem overwhelmed with too may students to handle. It seems like a bother to ask for support, because there are so many students who need support.
The hours for the library, gymnasium, etc. are limited.

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Studying abroad at Florence University of the Arts (FUA) is characterized by the institution’s efforts in cultural integration. The institution’s position places FUA in direct contact with the city’s culture, movements, and events. The mission is to offer university level academics and services that not