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Taking part in ‪this program wasn't only an adventure for me, it's an opportunity to write a new page in the story of my life.

On January, when I was living in Poland, almost everything seemed to be going wrong. I must make a decision. Do I want to blame everything for my failures and complain about my problems? Or take responsibility of the only life I have and make a change? Start over again. Live a bigger life. Get out of my comfort zone. Take courage to live my purpose and dreams not fears.

I followed my heart and it was the best decision I could have ever made. I am in the middle of a miracle currently.

Volunteering was the start of my new live. I was taking part in "build and beach" program. We were helping children have a better place to learn. The kids were lovely. They are always smiling. I enjoyed spending time with them. Working as a volunteer gave me huge satisfaction and a great experience. I am so happy to gave something back to the World. To be the change. This is an incredible feeling deep inside my heart. I was so greatful to be a part of it.

Koh Samui is like paradise! Views are breathtaking! I loved spending my free time exploring this stunning place. People are nice and cheerful. I was making new friends from around the world. The food is divine! Especially seafood. I fell in love with Thai cuisine.

And this is just a beginning...
Believe in your dreams!!

Beata from Poland

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I am missing KohSamui Project!! :)