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Serving in impoverished communities in small remote villages near Chinchiná, Colombia opened my eyes towards the privileged life that I live. In one of our usual door to door check in’s we met a family in which the son and the daughter had a chest bone deformity. They have been to several doctors who have concluded that as long as this condition doesn't affect their internal organs and their breathing they will have to live with it. The mother told us that her daughter started having some difficulty breathing due to the deformity and so the specialist that they saw suggested a surgery. We chatted with them about their life and their hobbies and school. The girl was highly praised by the teachers at school and aspired to become a doctor some day. The boy was saying that he doesn't mind his bone deformity because it allows him to have an advantage when playing soccer. We all had a laugh and realized that this family is truly living by enjoying life the best they can despite difficulties. Over and over again I had the privilege of hearing similar stories in which I realized that possessions, money, or any other material thing is nothing compared to living a joyful life surrounded by your family and friends. The many Colombians that I have met have strong family values and do things that make them happy even if they are struggling financially and living a difficult life. They always gave thanks for what they had and stated that they're doing the best they can. Being part of this experience broadened my view on humanity, on life and brought new joy and purpose.

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