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Atlas Workshop's summer design trip to Scandinavia was an academically challenging, thought provoking, and fun experience that I will never forget. After studying abroad in several different countries, I had a growing interest in international politics and culture. I thought this trip really satisfied my curiosity within the Scandinavian countries and pushed me to use my imagination while still remaining within the realms of possibility. As a rising senior, college is a constant worry and a large part of my decisions in how I spend my summer. Not only was I able to add Atlas Workshops to my resume, but also a booklet of information put together by the group. It was a concrete result of what we had studied and learned during the trip. This academic work is an example of how Atlas Workshop is not a "teen tour" that is so commonly viewed negatively on a college application, but rather an academic exploration. The team leaders really made this trip special for me. They challenged us to think and guided us as we worked on our project, while maintaining a kind and caring friendship that allowed the group to really get along and ideas to be shared freely. Lastly, the trip was fun. Along with working on our project and meeting locals who provided new points of views and an insight on scandinavia and its culture, we enjoyed and explored what the cities had to offer. Overall one of my greatest summer experiences.

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