Global Innovators: High School Summer Trips by Atlas Workshops
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Global Innovators: High School Summer Trips by Atlas Workshops

Travel abroad with Atlas Workshops on a Global Innovators High School Summer Trip. On each trip, we investigate a real-world issue and work on a creative solution. Unlike traditional teen tours or service trips, we combine travel as a research and design team: we mix engineering, art, business, and international relations as we solve pressing issues with locals around the world.

Session I: June 28/29 - July 11, 2017:

  • Global Innovators Summer: Croatia Trip: "Digital History: Dalmatia, Croatia" Design technology, like Pokemon Go, to bring history back to life while exploring Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian coast
  • Global Innovators Summer: India Trip: "India: A Generation of Entrepreneurs" Develop new educational systems to support global entrepreneurship through exploration of Bangalore, India’s tech capital

Session II: July 11 - July 24, 2017

  • Global Innovators Summer: Berlin + Prague Trip: "Berlin + Prague: Cultivating Creativity" Join local artists and social innovators to learn about the impacts of art on cities and create a public art project to address a global issue
  • Global Innovators Summer: California Trip: "California: Watering the Desert" Investigate the water crisis in the state of California by drafting creative new policies in partnership with local government to combat the drought

Session III: July 24 - August 5/6, 2017

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Program Reviews (9)

19 years old
New York, NY

Great Experience for Students of All Ages


Atlas Workshop's summer design trip to Scandinavia was an academically challenging, thought provoking, and fun experience that I will never forget. After studying abroad in several different countries, I had a growing interest in international politics and culture. I thought this trip really satisfied my curiosity within the Scandinavian countries and pushed me to use my imagination while still remaining within the realms of possibility. As a rising senior, college is a constant worry and a large part of my decisions in how I spend my summer. Not only was I able to add Atlas Workshops to my resume, but also a booklet of information put together by the group. It was a concrete result of what we had studied and learned during the trip. This academic work is an example of how Atlas Workshop is not a "teen tour" that is so commonly viewed negatively on a college application, but rather an academic exploration. The team leaders really made this trip special for me. They challenged us to think and guided us as we worked on our project, while maintaining a kind and caring friendship that allowed the group to really get along and ideas to be shared freely. Lastly, the trip was fun. Along with working on our project and meeting locals who provided new points of views and an insight on scandinavia and its culture, we enjoyed and explored what the cities had to offer. Overall one of my greatest summer experiences.

19 years old
Washington, DC
United States Coast Guard Academy

100% Win


I traveled with Atlas Workshops last summer on their Global Innovators Scandinavia trip. We, in the truest sense, explored Sweden and Denmark, learning about Swede and Dane culture and their approach to public transportation.

I came in expecting a strictly academic endeavor, but got much more. I experienced something personal, wild, adventurous, radically different, and the greatest fun with the best of companions.

The Atlas guides are brilliant. Excellent (hands off) instruction and stellar company. You'll want to be friends long after the summer's end!

This experience was incredibly valuable and helped me grow as an individual. See you next summer!

How can this program be improved?

Especially being among the oldest on the trip, I would have liked to manage my own money. Instead, more/less/different at a restaurant was not always an option because Atlas covers all meals as a part of the program cost.

I understand why they do it. It makes sense as a program policy to ensure everyone eats, but, on several occasions it was a bother the 17-18s on the trip.

Still- I weigh the complaint little to none. The trip approached perfect.

18 years old
Chicago, IL

Trip of a lifetime


I went on the Korcula's Island Economy trip this summer, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. On the trip, I was immersed in the culture of Croatia. I was able to swim in the islands crystal clear water on a daily basis, try local dishes, and learn about the country's rich history. In addition to this, I learned how to successfully conduct and execute a design process to a real world situation. This is something that many people never get to do in their lifetime. This aspect of Atlas Workshops takes an experience that a student would normally get on a summer travel program to a whole new level. It is extraordinary to be able to travel to a country, notice a problem or a unique asset that the place possesses, and then make efforts to improve the city or country of focus in a fun group setting. I would highly recommend this trip to any high-schooler with a creative, entrepreneurial spirit, who loves to travel and explore.

18 years old
Boston, Massachusetts

Amazing experience in new country


This program is one of the most unique summer programs out there for students. I had so much fun learning about the design process and coming up with new and creative ideas to help the economy of Korcula, an island known for its people and calm atmosphere in Croatia.
I made so many fantastic memories with my group and would love to go back to such a beautiful and incredible country.

19 years old
Chappaqua, New York

Amazing time in Scandinavia


I went on the Atlas Workshops trip to Scandinavia last summer and had an amazing time. I have been on other teen programs, and what distinguishes Atlas from the rest is how immersive it is. The tour leaders balanced all the visits to the "nicer" or "touristy" areas with seriously immersive experiences in more down-to-earth parts of the cities we traveled to. I felt safe throughout the trip, and I was blown away by how comfortable our sleeping accommodations were from start to end. The research on this trip is serious fun, and I totally recommend Atlas Workshops to all proactive high school students looking to learn and explore.

How can this program be improved?

I had so much fun, I just wished I could stay longer!

19 years old

Amazing interactive trip


It was simply joyous. Last summer I got to experience the Smart Cities in Scandinavia trip, and it was very influential in gathering ideas that I could bring back to my city. Whether it be for a student who likes to travel or be academically active throughout your trip, I highly recommend this program. A summer with Atlas Workshops is an amazing and well crafted experience!

42 years old
Livingston, NJ
University at Buffalo- SUNY

A great program for students


My daughter joined their India program last summer. Atlas staff have a lot of experiences to international travel. They are very professional to provide us with good amount information about the program, logistic, travel itinerary, and the safety procedures. As parents, the safety of our daughter is of paramount importance. Before the program, we had learned a lot about the hotel accommodations, local transportation, and the communication channels we would have during program. That made felt confident about the program. During the trip, they kept us informed about their whereabouts and what they have done through email and photos.
My daughter had great time there both in terms of learning the educational system in India and enjoying the time spent there. The program gave a better understanding of different cultures and education systems than what we have here in US. It was a great experience for her before her college. We are really glad she joined program and also appreciated Atlas staff for their work.

How can this program be improved?

It was quite confusing to apply Indian visa. We had used a few extra Fedex packages to send application/documents to consulate. I think it would be a lot helpful if Atlas can provide service or assistance on visa application. And also you cannot fully commit to the program unless the visa application is approved.

42 years old
United States
University of Manitoba

Teen travel to India was fantastic!


My daughter went on an Atlas Workshop trip to India. The Atlas Workshop staff are very well traveled and knowledgeable about the logistics in the various countries that they travel to. My daughter was very safe in their hands. She loved the project they focused on in the various schools throughout South India and she now has a new perspective on education and a new appreciation for the American classrooms. There were educational opportunities and challenges throughout the time abroad, and the teens didn't even realize they were learning and growing since they were having so much fun!

How can this program be improved?

I would make it longer, but that is tough as the teens are always so busy and longer would be a bit more I guess leave it just the way it is!

19 years old
Boston, MA

Incredibly developed and life changing


I've been to three different continents with different organizations throughout high school and Atlas was by far the company with the most appeal, looking back on my experiences. The trip I took was planned by the professional team down to the minute: from the second that we stepped on each of our planned flights to our school visits throughout South India all the way to each meal that we ate while we were there. The Atlas team gave us creative ways to keep track of our experiences and always kept our minds busy. We were learning about the educational patterns of public and private schools, and were set up with 5 different schools and organizations to put each visit in perspective. But we didn't spend all of our time there working; we stayed in 5 Indian cities and experienced each of their cultures by attending traditional dance performances, touring 1400 year old temples, and making friends from schools and previous connections that Atlas had set up in India. Each of the cities was tailored to a different feel, so we were able to try different foods, customs, and even take yoga classes at a yoga resort in the mountains.

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Atlas Workshops leads a handful of Global Innovators Trips for high school students every summer. We hand-pick projects that combine engineering, international relations, business and art. On each trip we focus on one topic and question as we work through a design project. At the