Beware, it is all a trap.

Impact: 1
Support: 1
Fun: 1
Value: 1
Safety: 1

I wish I could say one nice thing about Volunquest. I ended up quitting Volunquest along with three other interns. They need to know how to treat their interns better. Volunquest is a revolving doors of interns because no one can stand working for them for too long. The housing conditions in Playa are horrible. They will tell you this is how everyone else lives, but it is all a lie. I went to other teachers houses and it is simply not the case. If more than one person has quit on you, then open your eyes and realize its not them, its you. No leadership quality. Respect is earned, not demanded. In all honestly, there are way better programs out there. I would rate Volunquest 0/10 or -10/10 if I could. In the long run, beware of this program. You will end up paying more for everything. You've been warned.

Would you recommend this program?
No, I would not