Unforgettable New Zealand

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

Going to the airport and saying your family & friends goodbye the coming 8 months. Something I totally don’t regret and that moment when I jumped on the plane... I didn’t know it was going to be so AWESOME!

Before I jumped on the airplane I had good contact with INTERNeX. They helped me with my visa and gave me lots of information before I travelled to the country with great views, outdoor activities and sheep.

I did a internship for a Youth Travel Company which suited me perfectly. The internship was so cool and the friendliness of the kiwi colleagues was every day a warm welcome. I did an internship focussed on marketing, so my English increased very properly.

Through different nice activities of the PR team of INTERNeX I met more and more people. Every week there were dinner and drinks organized and we went of different trips. Personally I really liked the surf trips. INTERNeX arranged often a bus and we went with more interns off to the beach, got surf lessons, saw the great scenery and ate the best fish&chips together. The PR team were more as friends to me and it was great get this opportunity to meet more people.

With help of INTERNeX I found a room in a shared flat, which was great. I stayed in the middle of Auckland and close to the busstop which brought me to different great beaches to sport and swim.
After my internship I really wanted to see more of the country. The PR-team advised me for all the different travel options and I could book met discount by them. Those weeks of traveling were amazing and I travelled everywhere I wanted to go! Saw pigeons, albatrosses, went sand boarding, rafting, skydiving and bungeejumping.

Thanks for this great adventure! Cheers!

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