• New Zealand
    • Auckland
2 to 52 weeks

Program Details

Academic Year Year Round
Apartment Host Family Hotel
Weekly Hours
Age Min.
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Starting Price
Price Details
Registration: $100USD
Placement: $750 USD
Accommodation Placement: $200USD
Accommodation Per week: $250USD per week (Homestay, residence, Apartment options)
Airport Reception: $100 USD
Social Events: $0 - $20 NZD
Trips and Activities: $100 - $300NZD
What's Included
Accommodation Some Accommodation Activities Some Activities Airfare Airport Transfers Meals Some Meals SIM cards Transportation Travel Insurance Visa Wifi
What's Not Included
Airfare Domestic Airfare
Jun 04, 2024
Feb 16, 2018
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About Program

INTERNeX is a full service professional internship placement organization offering on-location and remote internship opportunities in Auckland and throughout New Zealand.

Internships opportunities are available part time or full time and can be managed around your University or work schedule. The placement process is easy and there is no obligation for any payment until you have spoken with one of our placement consultants via zoom or Skype.

For those doing an internship on location we offer airport transfer, visa assistance, accommodation options social events to ensure you have the best time in NZ. If you are taking the internship remotely we have ongoing feedback reports and you will be introduced to other members online so you can collaborate on projects.

there is no cost to enquire or apply, so let contact us today for a free consultation,

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Program Highlights

  • We have a massive network of partner companies that ensures you get the best possible placement in nearly any industry
  • Remote Internships or internships on location
  • Full Service - Placement, Accommodation, Transfers, Social Events, Support Team, Travel Services and support for the entire time you are here including 24 hour emergency. Free Phone Number
  • Replacement Guarantee. If there is a problem with the company that is not your fault and can't be resolved then we offer a free replacement guarantee
  • Winner of Category "Best International Work Experience Provider" 2011 and nominated into top 5 finalist 2010, 2012, 2013 & 2014 - LTM Star Awards - London, U.K (the only New Zealand company to be nominated)

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  • Growth 4.55
  • Support 4.45
  • Fun 4.55
  • Housing 4.75
  • Safety 4.9
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Yes, I recommend this program

Internship at Real Estate Consultancy in Auckland

After my Abitur I was not really excited to start Uni right away, so I decided to do a gap year in between. It was the best decision I could have made.

I researched in Germany about the opportunities I would have and my interests in suitable countries. My main goal was to find a professional, valuable placement in an English speaking country, to have a working experience for my current studies in Univerisity. Since I did not have any personal contacts myself it was the best choice to go with a placement agency through which I got in contact with InterNex, the supporting agency in my country of choice, New Zealand. The enrollment process was easy and professional and shortly after my skype-interview with Chris I received my offer from a global Real Estate consultancy.

The internship was very professional, and the company could not have been a better fit. I did not have much work experience before, but there I was of high- value to the CEO and my supervisor. They were very positively surprised by my can-do attitude and my great knowledge of English, therefore I was offered diverse opportunities in the company. I was able to work in multiple departments and even visit their second office on the South Island. I was offered to come back any time I want and I hope one day I will be able to return for a job opportunity. I still think about my time there a lot and currently hope to use my reputation and contacts to get an internship at a different location within the same company.

The support from InterNex throughout my stay was also really supportive. I initially wanted to stay within a host family for a month before moving to a Hostel for the rest of my time in Auckland, but already after one week within the family I felt really at home. I decided to stay within the host family for the whole stay and through them Auckland really became my home away from home. The communication with the InterNex team always went smoothly and I took part in multiple of their activities offered.

I can only recomment their services, since they were really supportive and I met great people through my stay in New Zealand. Applying for an internship with InterNex was one of the best experiences I had in my life so far!

What would you improve about this program?
My initial information about the host family was not up to date but other than that the team was always very supportive and offered an all round service, from airport pick-ups to travel information for after the internship.
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Yes, I recommend this program

HR-Internship abroad

Finding an internship abroad isn't easy, but INTERNEX sure made it look like it. I had a lot of requirements from school and INTERNEX ensured I had the challenging internship I was looking for. I had already been to New Zealand before so for me the internship was more about the quality and content of the internship and not so much the exchange itself (However this was a nice bonus!). INTERNEX met every requirement while looking for an internship and I have absolutely loved my 7 month long internship in Auckland. Great support from INTERNEX with regular check in's. It couldn't have been better really!!! Thank's again for the amazing experience

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Yes, I recommend this program

Unforgettable New Zealand

Going to the airport and saying your family & friends goodbye the coming 8 months. Something I totally don’t regret and that moment when I jumped on the plane... I didn’t know it was going to be so AWESOME!

Before I jumped on the airplane I had good contact with INTERNeX. They helped me with my visa and gave me lots of information before I travelled to the country with great views, outdoor activities and sheep.

I did a internship for a Youth Travel Company which suited me perfectly. The internship was so cool and the friendliness of the kiwi colleagues was every day a warm welcome. I did an internship focussed on marketing, so my English increased very properly.

Through different nice activities of the PR team of INTERNeX I met more and more people. Every week there were dinner and drinks organized and we went of different trips. Personally I really liked the surf trips. INTERNeX arranged often a bus and we went with more interns off to the beach, got surf lessons, saw the great scenery and ate the best fish&chips together. The PR team were more as friends to me and it was great get this opportunity to meet more people.

With help of INTERNeX I found a room in a shared flat, which was great. I stayed in the middle of Auckland and close to the busstop which brought me to different great beaches to sport and swim.
After my internship I really wanted to see more of the country. The PR-team advised me for all the different travel options and I could book met discount by them. Those weeks of traveling were amazing and I travelled everywhere I wanted to go! Saw pigeons, albatrosses, went sand boarding, rafting, skydiving and bungeejumping.

Thanks for this great adventure! Cheers!

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Yes, I recommend this program

great experience

I chose New Zealand as my internship country quite randomly. The range, InterneX's German partner offered, was worldwide and I decided by one simple thought: Get away and out in the world as far as possible. So I ended up in New Zealand, and nothing better could have happened to me.

After my Abitur I wanted to gain work experience, to see, if this is really, what I wanna study. I was placed in a big company and got to see not only my department, but also a few others. The people there were really friendly and gave me different things to do. In that way I learned a lot about how a company works and which part I would like to do after my studies. But it was not only working all-day long: The atmosphere in the office was good, I chatted and laughed a lot with my colleagues and if I wanted to have a day (or even 3 weeks) off for traveling, my boss encouraged me to do it.

Due to the location of my company I decided to live with a host mother. She is really on of the loveliest people I've ever met and made me feel like being home from the very first day. It was a perfect mixture of family (with dinner together and long conversations about pretty much everything) and flat-sharing (with your own fridge shelf and freedom to come home whenever you want).

InterneX offered the chance to meet the other interns on the Pizza Night or the Bar Crawl every week. The PR team was always there and so they were more friends than "officials" and I did some great activities, such as Surftrips they organized or a Mud Rush, with them.

Besides all that I traveled this beautiful country, saw stunning scenery, did crazy stuff (skydiving and bungy-jumping should be on everyone's NZ To Do-List!), met awesome people along the way and learned a lot about myself. I could have made no better choice than New Zealand!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Perfect combination of Internship and NZ Experiences

I had an Internship at an Intermediate School in Auckland and stayed not far away with the most amazing Hostfamily! I really enjoyed my 11 weeks with them, to see what a real Kiwi-Family lives like. My Internship was also one of the best things I've ever experienced. The People were extremely nice and helpful and I felt very comfortable the whole 10 weeks. I learned a lot and has an unforgettable time with all the Kids and Teachers. After my Internship and Homestay I went travelling for 5 weeks and the whole time was just one Highlight. During my whole time in New Zealand I've met so many inspirational People and saw so many incredible places and things I could'nt have asked for more!

What would you improve about this program?
One of the INTERNeX Staff could visit the people during their Internship once to see how they're going.
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Yes, I recommend this program


This experience has been very benefic for me. I think it is very interesting to work in another country even if sometimes it is hard to adapt (language, the way to live) but I met amazing people I have never met before.

Because in NZ everything is possible!

What would you improve about this program?
It can be interesting to organize more events with students to know people (parties, travels)
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Yes, I recommend this program

My internship in NZ

New Zealand is a beautiful country. When I arrived here, my first thought was why am I going to work here, there are so many beautiful sites to visit! Nevertheless, the internship I am doing here is perfect for me to get experience in my professional field, and I regret nothing. I am staying in Auckland, but I plan on visiting at least parts of both North and South islands during weekends.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Internship in Auckland: One of the best decisions in my life

Doing an internship in Auckland, New Zealand was one of the best decisions in my life. The country is very beautiful and definitely more than just a short holiday worth!
I decided to do an internship after finishing my studies to improve my English and personal skills. I applied at INTERNeX (a German company conveyed the contact) for a technical internship and after a personal interview they offered me a great one in a subsidiary company of a big German airline company in the area of project management. INTERNeX helped me also finding a homestay and all the other planning (like visa, getting to my homestay, etc.), so I felt well prepared. The homestay was the best I could ever imagine. I really found a second home there and it was great to see the kiwi-way-of-life too.
My first day at work was really good. My boss picked me up at my homestay, showed me the office and the production, introduced me to a lot of people and explained me his ideas for the tasks I should do during the next month and asked me if I'm okay with that, so I was able to mention own ideas. My normal working day was from 9 am to 5 pm and I was allowed to use the company car to get to work. For my task I had to deal with a lot suppliers and I liked to see how different working in New Zealand is compared to Germany. We had an open-plan-office, but everyone was nice, relaxed ad really helpful. They also had sometimes morning tea's or afternoon tea's to celebrate special events like birthdays, welcomes, goodbyes or maternity leaves. I really felt good there and welcomed.
Luckily there were a lot of public holidays during my internship, so I was able to travel around the north island and I was allowed to take the company car as well :) Driving in New Zealand is a bit different than in Germany. Not only that you are driving on the "wrong side", no the car is reversed too! But the traffic is more relaxed and more considerate to the people around you and I got used to it fast. I visited the first sunrise of the world in Gisborne (breathtaking), one of the rare active volcanoes (white island volcano), the black sand at Piha Beach and lots more!
I advise everyone who is thinking about an internship to do it, because it is an adventure you will never forget and I don't regret my decision one single moment. Only the fact that I didn't had more time, but there is never enough time, right ;)

What would you improve about this program?
It's not easy to find a thing to change, but maybe there is a little one.... Normally there are typical travel times, because most people do an internship after graduation. I started mine in February and most of the other people left in New Zealand March, April and May. I think it would have been even more fun to have more company and adherents :)
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