Ostional, Costa Rica: Sea Turtle Conservation

Impact: 10
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Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

It was my first time ever leaving the country and I went all by myself. I told myself not to expect anything and go with an open mind, and because I did that I had the BEST experience of my lifetime. Being on the actual job site was my favorite part. Going out for 4 hours every night and tracking turtles and getting a hands on experience with animals I hand't ever dreamed of getting to work with was truly amazing. I learned so much in so little and now I go back and chat everyones ears off about sea turtles. Myself and two others were also selected to help national marine biologists on their Olive Ridley study done in Ostional, Costa Rica. Which means I got to be a part of for something that I had no idea was even an opportunity. I also learned and experienced so much of the Costa Rican culture because I wasn't staying at a resort or anything fancy. It taught me about life, experience, and what it really means to travel.

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