Experience of a lifetime

Housing: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

Before signing up for the program, I always knew I wanted to travel to Australia but I didn't know if I would end up studying abroad at a specific uni or just travel. Going through Pacific Discovery was the perfect option. The leaders are amazing. I was nervous about staying in hostels and backpacking but I ended up loving every minute. The way we traveled with Pacific Discovery, we had the perfect combination of alone/free time if we wanted it, and time with group activities. Traveling up the coast was also better than some of the experiences I've heard of with studying abroad because you are limited to what you can see. I saw so much of Australia in one month that most students who just study there for a year don't get to see. The way we traveled up the coast was amazing. There is so much Australia has to offer and Pacific Discovery does a great job of hitting the great stops along the way. The activities that are planned in this program hit everything anyone would want to do in Australia. There was so much self-learning that occurred also during this experience. You learned to live for a month with new people and they became a family in that short span. This experience was life changing and it was one opportunity I will never regret.

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