I got every bit of experience I had expected to out of it and this was my first trip to India.

Impact: 9
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Value: 9
Safety: 9

My volunteering experience with Sankalp was amazing and definitely a highlight of mine during my trip throughout S&E Asia. I got every bit of experience I had expected to out of it and this was my first trip to India.

They were very accommodating and as we were planning our visit to Jaipur with their Orphanage work and project for Street Kids. We first heard of Sankalp Volunteer via their facebook page and made contact with them through email. We had flight issues and their flexibility allowed for us to rearrange our dates to stay as well as pick up from the Jaipur airport. The couple who run Sankalp Volunteer that picked us up was shy at first, but of course by the end of the trip they were just like a family member.

The volunteer house simple and authentic, you have rooms with 2 bunk beds which are comfortable for four people. Most of the rooms are located on first & second floor and can be accessed by stairs, they accommodate old age volunteer on ground floor. There a lounge area in the center on every floor. Each room has their own private western toilet/shower room as well as lights and power outlets.

We were fortunate to split our program duration between their Project for Street Kids and Orphanage work. The school for street kids was a 15 minutes rickshaw ride from volunteer house and orphanage situated in city center on 40 minutes rickshaw ride, the good thing is this; the program fees cover all daily transport to project!

Teaching and working in the schools and orphanage gave me so much joy, and taught me to consider a new normal from a child’s perspective. Dressing in a different way, eating different food and even walking down different streets: everything that was completely opposite to the life I knew suddenly presented itself to me, and I had no choice but to accept it. And I loved every second of it.

Approximately $26 USD/day; you get accommodation (sharing rooms) and shower, transportation from the airport, meals, daily transport to projects, 24 hour wi-fi internet access, staff that turn into family, and a beautiful, relaxing place to chill at roof-top.

I highly recommend making Sankalp a part of your Indian adventure!. You won't regret it!!

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