Climbing Mt. Kinabalu

Housing: 7
Support: 6
Fun: 8
Value: 8
Safety: 6

About halfway through my experience in Borneo, I was given the opportunity to climb Mt. Kinabalu and I took up the opportunity with both hands. We spent two days climbing and that involved waking up at 2am one morning but once we had reached the summit, any pain or tiredness we felt quickly disappeared. The guide, the accommodation we stayed in over night and my peers all meant that I was part of an experience I would of never thought of doing. By far this was the most incredible journey of my life so far.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Borneo and some of the things we were able to do I would of never been able to do again. However, some of the organisation whilst we were in Borneo caused confusion and frustration within the group and this left some negative feelings within camps
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