Highly Recommended

Growth: 5
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 8
Safety: 10

The Adelante Internship program in Sevilla was incredible. I knew coming in since I wouldn't be in classes, it would be harder to make friends and meet people. Thankfully, Adelante gave me three weeks of an intensive spanish course before my internship began with kids from other universities in the US. It was an amazing way to meet new people!! My homestay was also INCREDIBLE. The couple had a really nice and modern apartment in the very center of the city and my host mom spoke pretty good English, which was very helpful. They let me do my own thing, but we would always spend a couple hours eating dinner together and talking about Sevillian culture. Sevilla is a very homey city, beautiful, and very culturally immersive because almost no one speaks English! My internship was OKAY. Granted, I was working in the medical field, so i realize it is harder for it to be hands on. I mostly just sat and watched the whole time. However, i feel like I learned a decent amount and the hours were really great (boss was understanding of travel on the weekends). Program highly recommended.

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