Ghana Healthcare Quest 2 weeks

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 6
Value: 7
Safety: 10

well I'll start by saying I would HIGHLY recommend Ghana as a volunteer experience. My first recommendation is 2 weeks isn't nearly enough ( I stayed for two and was heartbroken when I left.) So the first night you are in the capital Accra, and the country coordinator will take you around and show you the city. The first thing I was grateful for was the other volunteer who went with me, if you have a friend or can coordinate with another volunteer I would highly recommend that also, it's nice just to have a companion seeing as it is a completely different continent. I never felt unsafe, or nervous which I feel is a stigma with Africa so don't worry on that. As for the hospital experience I am in the nursing field so unfortunately I can't speak of pre med. However I was in the A&E (accident and emergency) and absolutely LOVED it. If you make it known you want to help and learn everyone from doctors to student nurses will take you under. I even went around and did rounds with the doctors (and pre med students) and I am a nurse so you can see how great they are with including. You will see a lot of injuries and illness you wouldn't see otherwise so be prepared for that. As for living, I stayed with Mercy, and had my own room/bathroom, she is great and very accommodating. Riley (the other volunteer) and I researched and had a list of things we wanted to do before we left, so I would also suggest doing that. On the weekend our country coordinator took us to the waterfall and monkey sanctuary which is a once in a lifetime experience. I'll attach pictures. Everyone there wants to be your friend, and take you out. The people are amazing, and I wish I never left. Oh transportation, you can walk to the hospital, or take a cab either is super cheap, and getting from the capital to Ho the country coordinator will arrange for you. Just be prepared that you are in Africa so, it's not like taking a cab in New York. Let me know if you have any other questions! (oh p.s. 1 us dollar is 4 cedi so you won't spend alot of money) ok like I said let me know! And if you go please tell the employees in Emergency I say Hello!!!

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