overwhelming experience

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I did my first volunteering experience in Malaysia at the Yellow House.. and it was such an impact in my travels and life… that I came back again, and again, and again.
Shyam and her project are inspiring by themselves. She gives you the opportunity to discover a different Kuala Lumpur, a more human side of it, and also, she opens the doors to discover yourself in this world.. as a little seed ready for changing this world. I got the chance to help in different areas and activities, and I must say that swimming with children and adults with different abbilities blew up my mind. They are the smartest and nicest persons I have ever met. They will be the ones teaching you about life, while you are encouraging them to keep swimming, keep paddling, and kicking the water….
And it was amazing to see the progress these kids have done as months passed by. I came back 3 times since then; it is hard to explain the joy of seeing each other again, and my heart jumping of happiness because they still remembered me, but moreover I was so proud of them and their improved work: watching them being the owners of that world: “THE SWIMMING POOL” all for themselves.. being equally happy and skilled.
Shyam is totally devoted to all the projects and this way of life… sharing her energy, and smiles, and whatever she has, to anyone that needs her, and that is something that you will feel since the moment you step on at the YELLOW HOUSE front yard.
She will also give you the opportunity to teach any Subject that you are skilled at (from English, Maths, Science, Literature, till Arts) to Refugees and at the Special School, sharing what you most love to those that most need your help.
It is overwhelming the way she talks to everybody, but specially to homeless people when she wash their hair: the way she makes eye contact with them, she listens to what they are saying, and make them smile and laugh… She gives them that human contact, and the DIGNITY that the society have stolen to them…
This is a unique space, where you will be knocked by different realities and ways of living, surrounded by the crazy city of KL… You will understand the mix of cultures, and their smells, flavors, colors… You will end up loving every part of it, and what is best… you will be part of something, that is more than a 2 weeks experience; because you will be so connected and in love of what you and Shyam, and the others volunteers are doing, that you will be committed for life to the project.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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