Colegio Honofre Benavides - Tomepampa

Impact: 9
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Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

So, working at Honofre Benavides School in Tomepampa was perhaps one of the coolest experiences of my life! This primary and secondary-level school is located in the Cotahuasi Canyon in southern Peru - a very remote portion of the country with breathtaking views at literally every turn. The spectacular hikes alone are worth the the time and energy that you'll put into this project (just see the pictures below). And be sure to have Volunteers Peru lay out the best spots for you to visit while you're there - they've seen all the best vistas! However, the greatest part of this experience for me was becoming part of the tiny community of Tomepampa. I never was able to find an official record of its population, but if I had to guess, I'd say there are probably less than 200 people living there - 200 of the friendliest, warmest people I have ever met. Whether passing down the block to the store or hopping a local bus to the hot springs, you're likely to be met with a smile and a ''Buen dia! Como estas?'' Many will proceed to ask you if their town is to your liking, and you may even find yourself invited to an upcoming festival (they celebrate a lot)! The students you teach at Honofre Benavides school will chat you up about what it's like to live in your country and will marvel at any pictures of your homeland that you're willing to share. They may even venture to speak English with you outside of school, which is the coolest thing ever! Living with Carmela and her kids at Casa Primavera and eating her stellar traditional cuisine is an added bonus. Her young sons, Miguel and Hector love to play and ask you all sorts of questions, so be sure to spend lots of time with them! They will love it, and it'll be time well spent, as there really isn't much to do on quiet nights in the canyon. This opportunity is really an incredible means to disconnect and get back to the basics of life - making meaningful connections with the people around you, learning from them and sharing your wisdom in return (in this case, the beauty of the English language)!

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