A remarkable arctic experience

Impact: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 8
Safety: 10

From the moment we were met at the airport until the moment we were left at the airport I felt looked after. Being in Churchill in the winter is an experience not to be missed, the only downside being that the polar bears have left. On arriving at the CNSC (an amazing building) the team spent time with each one of us individually going through the gear we had and providing us with anything else we needed. I was very impressed with their thoroughness and their friendliness. Care, support and friendliness sum up the team and the centre staff very well. Oh and add enthusiasm to that list. On two occasions we weren’t allowed out, when it fell below -50 C windchill and during a blizzard warning. It is impossible to describe what such low temperatures feel like but an experience I am glad I had. I can’t praise the scientists, LeeAnn and Steve enough. I am slightly disabled and wasn’t sure whether I would be able to cope. I was encouraged to go, they would work things out. I found the snowpit work very tiring for me so I stayed inside on a number of occasions doing lab work with spruce needles. LeeAnn was concerned I was missing seeing some of the sites so spent 2 hours just taking me around on a skidoo watching the ptarmigan and discussing the environment and work. I left feeling I had contributed well to the research work despite not doing all the snowpit work. Being able to watch the northern lights dance across the sky from the warmth of the viewing dome was extra special.

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