This young Jew embarks on a social justice communal living gap year program in Portland, you would not BELIEVE what happens next....

Housing: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Value: 9
Safety: 10

You should never believe someone when they say “oh yeah best time of my life woohoo" except when I'm saying it because I'm being honest! These past nine months have been so transformative. I volunteered at three different places every week, and Tivnu did a great job of pairing me up with placements that were right for me. It was nice three days a week to volunteer independently, but to also have two days with other Tivnu members ("Tivnoodles"!) working together at Habitat (the 3:2 ratio was one I got to choose). Beyond that, all the programming we've had has been excellent. It keeps us busy, but everything we do feels worth it. We've met so many interesting local leaders, fascinating creatives, and inspiring non-profits. We always find a way to add some Jewish flavor, but it never feels forced. Jewish holidays are super fun! We always do something special, and everyone gets a say. We've gone on a bunch of awesome outdoor trips, which are highlights for me. Finally, life at the house ("bayit") is really great. I was pretty skeptical of how the dynamics would work, but the staff set us off on the right foot, and we all ended up working and living really well together. Every group meal we have feels like a feast, and Friday nights are especially...special? The house itself is great, in a beautiful neighborhood, but still in a central location of Portland! I love Tivnu so so so much!!!

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