My volunteer trip to Jamaica with Projects Abroad

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I volunteered in Jamaica, Mandeville with Projects Abroad for one month in the summer of 2013. I volunteered in a children's home for the first two weeks and in construction for the last two weeks of my trip. At the children's home, I assisted the staff with their daily care routines for 25-30 babies and young children. Working in construction, I assisted in a local building project by mixing cement, painting, and stacking bricks. My living accommodations were with a host family in the area and they were very nice welcoming. I learned about the Jamaican culture through the Projects Abroad office and often ate delicious, traditional Jamaican food in my host family's home. Two other girl volunteers lived with me in the same host family and I met other volunteers at lunchtime in the town or through the Projects Abroad office. On our weekends off, the volunteers and I often went away to visit other parts of Jamaica with permission of the Projects Abroad office. Overall, my experience with Projects Abroad was positive as the staff was always helpful, I made great friendships with other volunteers and I learned valuable lessons on my work placements.

How can this program be improved?
The program could have been improved by providing volunteers with weekend activities in the town if they did not want to go away on a weekend excursion but also did not want to be left with nothing to do all weekend.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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