Amazing and unique way to study French

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Safety: 10

Going Morocco with AMIDEAST is an amazing option for anyone looking to learn French outside of Europe. My courses were challenging and interesting, and we went on many field trips to French NGO's. Not only that, but my French speaking host family was a wonderful group of people and I'm still in contact with them. I was worried at first about not speaking Arabic, but in Rabat, French is spoken by everyone, and I was quickly put at ease. Plus, since many of American the students on the program do speak Arabic, my friends could help me out. The amazing help and support I received from AMIDEAST staff was crucial as well! If my language skills were ever put to the test (for planning trips, bartering, etc.), the staff was immediately eager to help. Doha, who runs the abroad program in Rabat, will meet you anywhere at any time. She will pick up her phone 24/7 just to chat, or in case you have an emergency, she'll come to help you whether it's 4pm or 2am. Same goes for the rest of the staff. It really put me at ease to know I had that kind of support. Plus my French skills greatly improved and I made amazing friends for life.

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