An experience that can't be bought

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The mere thought of applying for a teaching position overseas is very easy. Taking that first step is like standing on a river bank not sure which side is safer.....stable land or moving water. Yes weird comparison. The most important step is research and questions. To help you find a sure footing would be a very good and helpful recruiter. 11 years ago I made that decision, and promised myself only 2 years and then heading back to my base..South Africa. Mmmmm well my 2 years stretched into 11 years and I am strolling into my 12th years. Teaching in the Middle East can be scary yet rewarding. You should have a goal...ask yourself...Why am I going to take on this adventure? You should never come with an attitude, be the "Know it All" girl/guy, and negativity. Come with a bag filled with humble beginnings, open mind, adventure, positive attitude and most of all gratitude. You are a guest here, so act like it...Yes there will be LOTS, MANY, PLENTY things that you do not agree with and do not like, but its not forever. Make use of the opportunity to ENJOY the culture, country and it's people and what it has to offer. Keep contact with friends and family back home as they would be your pillar of strength when emotions take over. Take part in anything and volunteering, adventure camps, community walks/runs, flea markets, shopping festivals, National Days, visits museums to enrich yourself with the country and it's history and last but not least......don't forget to TRAVEL. I have traveled places, which I know for a fact would not have been possible had I stayed in my country as an educator. The people here are proud of their heritage, respect it. All this is possible with a helpful and supportive recruiting agency. Footprints was my ticket to a journey that can never be bought, but only enjoyed through experience.

What would you improve about this program?
The recruiter should arrange more get together sessions with the rest of the teachers in one city/country
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would