A simply complete experience

Impact: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

I'm really glad I decided to spend 6 weeks of my summer teaching English to 3-6 year old kids with Love Volunteers in Rabat, Morocco. You know the feeling when you have an amazing experience that you don't want to trade anything for it? That is how I feel. First, I learned a lot during my volunteer because I was given a full authority to create teaching materials and activities in class. It was a fun challenge for me to build an interesting class from limited resources they had, which finally encouraged me to be creative and innovative. Second, I was staying with a very lovely big family who is extremely kind and fun. The first day I came, me and the family plus all the family friends went to a music concert together. Third, my volunteer schedule was very manageable for me to travel during weekends. So even though I was staying in Rabat, I had a chance to explore other cities and deserts as well. And last but not least, Morocco offers such an amazing culture experience worth to have! Moroccan food, art, language, people, and lifestyle are very unique and eye-opening knowledge. Oh plus, the program directors were really helpful and always make sure that the volunteers have the best time there. One day I was sick and Ali brought me to a doctor a few minutes after I called him. Lots of good things I can tell you but it was simply a complete personal growth experience for me.

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