Mente Argentina Review

Growth: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 4
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

I personally had a really positive experience with Mente during my five months in Argentina. I originally arrived in Buenos Aires with the intention of doing an internship in an international holiday rental company. I did this for a month before deciding that it wasn't quite right; I had come to Argentina with the primary purpose of learning Spanish and the company mainly functioned in English. When I told this to Mente, the staff were exceedingly helpful in ensuring that I eventually found the perfect internship for me. Even though my home university in England was extremely strict in terms of what I could and could not do in Argentina, the staff at Mente were not fazed at all and continued to help me until all university documents had been signed and approved. I was very appreciative of all the support I received at this stressful time.
I ended up working in a public hospital and had an incredible time. Spanish was the only language spoken there and therefore I not only improved my language skills but also gained some very valuable work experience as well. Since learning Spanish was my main reason for coming to Argentina in the first place, I was really happy with Mente for helping me to achieve exactly what I had wanted to do.

Regarding the social side, I was also very satisfied by what Mente offered. I decided to travel to Argentina with a program because I didn't know anyone out there and wanted a little security too. Mente was perfect for this because I immediately felt safe in Buenos Aires; it was really nice having a local explain to you exactly how the city works, how to use the transport system and which areas to avoid. The social activities were well planned and always interesting. By the end of five months I had pretty much done every museum in the city, gone to loads of bars and events like Tango shows. Similarly, because of the way the social side of Mente is set up, I immediately made good friends and felt very much part of their social circle. Looking back now, I've made some very close friends through Mente who I'll continue talking to for many years to come.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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