Growth: 8
Support: 7
Fun: 8
Housing: 10
Safety: 9

When I look back on my month in Italy all I can remember are good times. From the first awkward moment when I met the 14 people I would be spending a month with, to the first dinner in Rome, to waking up at 5:25 am to see the sunrise in Cortona only for it to be blocked by the mountains, to going to an Italian rock concert and understanding nothing but having a blast, and to the last night when I even though I was sobbing I couldn't be happier than to have met the wonderful people that made up my group.
From the very beginning I knew I was partaking in something great; I knew that I was doing something that I would never forget. And from all the good times I had, one of my favorite moments was this one hot night in Asti when we had the night to ourselves. We had just finished dinner but the night was still young and the air was warm and we all desperately wanted to go on an adventure. We decided to walk around the small town and just see where the winding roads would take us. It was well into the night and even though we were a little lost, we knew where we were going because the town was small and it seemed no matter what we would always end up back at the hotel. And that hot night, wondering the streets of Asti with the people who had been strangers not two weeks ago but were now my close friends, I felt so content and happy. Just walking down the quiet empty streets, so different from the ones in New York where I live, I was just so so happy. And even though this seems like a small irrelevant moment compared to all the amazing things we did and saw this trip, it was those small moments with my group where I just got to embrace the culture that I enjoyed the most.
So for anyone who is wondering if they should apply, yes you should! It's scary going away to a new place for a month with people you don't know but the experiences and the friends that come out of the trip are everything!
(I am real sorry that this review sounded a little cliche, but reminiscing on the good times is making me a tad emotional. Forgive my corniness and my grammatical errors.)

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