Sadly disappointed

Impact: 2
Support: 1
Fun: 6
Value: 2
Safety: 7

I am sad to report that my experience with Madventurer was extremely disappointing. I went into the trip with an open mind and ready to have an impact on a community. I have done a number of service projects so I had a little expectation. To start, signing up for the program was a frustrating process. Everything happened through email, no medical or emergency information was asked and it took up to two weeks at a time for an email back. About two days prior to departure I was informed that I had to book another flight to a remote island, which would have been okay if I had know ahead of time. Once I got there I was ambushed by the fact that all other participants were from the same college and I was the only solo traveler. While that had its benefits, it would have been nice to know in advance. The village and the people were wonderful but at times it felt that we were not needed. All work, the little that was needed, was done by male participants due to cultural beliefs. The females in the group spend every day sitting around the village and helping for maybe half an hour a day to cook and clean. A number of us spent all day sitting in a hammock just talking. While the 'tuition' price is quite nice, there ends up being a decent amount of added expenses (food, internal flights, excursion on the last day). Out of all of my travels, traveling with Madventurer was sadly the most disappointing. Spend the little extra money and actually enjoy your trip and feel as if you are making a difference.

Would you recommend this program?
No, I would not
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