BULA! My time in fiji

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

Well for me going to Fiji was life changing, the overall experience really gets you out of your comfort zone(in a good way) TravelTeacher is such a unique charity-you actally get to experience the life of a fijian but also expored fiji as well.

For me career and which way to go had always been a struggle, I've done plumbing and restaurant management-but it wasn't me. Thankfully I was able to go back to college and study sports (which I should of done in the first place) I loved my course and my Tutor Matt gave everyone in the class to come to Fiji, it wasn't like a 2 week holiday(ok in a way it kind of was but it was more) the Itinerey looked amazing as well as the experience. Not also are we traveling to Fiji but we will have a Teaching qualification in education and training level 3. Even though it's a stepping stone-Rome wasn't built in a day :)

One of my favourite moments was when we went to beach Comber island, it was beautiful, we also got to see some turtles and I went in the water and did 2 minutes of snorkeling(as I can't swim I had to have a life jacket) but it was really good just being in the ocean and not knowing what was underneath you. My best experience was when we had our school day, teaching is something I have a passion for as doing sports development and coaching to then hopefully become a P.E teacher. It was really something getting that teaching environment and the kids are so sweet again very different to England, not just the people but the school, everything is so basic which was nice-no technology, the community was WOW I have never seen such a string community like this.

While we were there we had our 3 hours at school(which was such a joy as teaching is something I want to do) The Villiage we stayed In Nammitukula was such a blessing, everyone was so happy to see us and to be in our company. I have never seen a community this strong before. It also gave my time to reflect on my faith abit more as there were other Christians there. But the overall experience was just WOW, we went to beachcomber Island(dream world) I can't be more thankful for this oppertunatey. Thank you to Vani and Watson(which I hope you guys see they are lovely) Also a Thank you to cheeka and his family. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, even if you don't want to do to teaching you learn so much more about yourself and the people your around(surrounding, different way of life, out of your comfort zone) It's such a good idea that both party can bennifit, it helps us as learner a and helps the teacher(support) and the community. :)

Everyone is so friendly and they all say BULA! (Mean hello) overall this experience given me a platformto stand on as we're getting a quificaton in education and training, even if you done want to do teaching, this experience gives you so much more, it gives you confidence, making use your initiative/adapt, helping you as a person to grow. The best thing is it doesn't just help us, it helps the teachers as we aid in there lessons. 10/10 highly recommended to anyone. Vanaka(means thank you)

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