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The throughout the internship and my adventures I kept a journal of everything I had done so that weeks from then, I would be able to reread what I had wrote and remember in full detail what had happened. I had a lot of great experiences and lasting impressions. I met some amazing people through my internship that I was lucky enough to work with. One of the stories I have to share was even more important to me by the time I got back to the US. I had the opportunity to hold the boom mic to Maisie Williams interview about a project we were working on (the BFG Dream Jar Trail). At the time, I knew that she was in the Game of Thrones, but I had never actually seen it. The way she conducted herself in the interview and the way she spoke was actually a whole different experience than I ever had before. I knew that I had to watch the Game of Thrones as soon as I got back to the US (considering I didn't have access to previous seasons in London). When I got back to the US, I binged the Game of Thrones in under a weeks time. Every time I saw Maisie Williams' character, Arya, on the screen, I was a bit upset with myself for not watching the show sooner. Then again, I would have been fangirling over how much of a bad ass she is so it's for the best that I didn't. During the interview, I could tell my coworkers were trying to keep their composure as well.

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