Beautiful Experience

Impact: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 9
Safety: 10

I did my Volunteering in Nepal. it was a very nice country and people there were amazing.

Here is the Funniest stories of all time in my life.
So one day i wanted to eat noodles and couldnt find heater in the kitchen.. we were staying in a guest house with natives. so i took the noodles and went upstairs and saw this nice clean kitchen. i didnt know it was for the house owners and i thought all of us can use it. So i got in the kitchen and started to prepare a nice meal.. chopped some vegetables.. boiled the noodles and actually spent a good 25min in there. As i was preparing my food.. i saw this old lady looking at me with a very weird angry face.. she didnt say any word but just waited there for me to finish. When i was done with my dishes, she looked at me and just showed me the door.. i was surprised why she was acting this weird with me.. Me happily going downstairs to show the guys what i cooked.. every one was laughing.. it turned out that we cannot use that kitchen and the house old lady gets pissed if someone uses her kitchen.. we laughed alot abt it for hours and then i apologized to the family!

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