SIT Argentina: Social Movements and Human Rights

Academics: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 8
Housing: 9
Safety: 8

SIT is a very strong program provider for a multitude of reasons, but in my experience, its most valuable assets are the experiential learning component and the Independent Study Project structure.
With regards to language acquisition, I can think of no better way to gain skills than immersion. Although immediate immersion can be intimidating, the Social Movements and Human Rights (SMHR) program directors educated us on the importance of constant practice in our learning process. Furthermore, we were encouraged to speak Spanish to exercise respect and appreciation for Argentine culture, as well as a gateway to forming grounded relationships with our Argentine friends. My home stay in particular provided me with a comfortable environment in which I could struggle through the learning process with my host mom, who helped me gain so much confidence! The structure of the program also allowed my group to learn outside the classroom on a daily basis, a component that in retrospect pushed us to gain a deeper understanding of the practical applications of the theoretical concepts taught in the classroom.
The Independent Study Project (ISP) gave us the space to form professional and personal connections with Argentinians. While the academic rigors of the ISP challenged me on a daily basis, I also gained the research experience of conducting interviews in Spanish and writing a qualitative research paper. I'm actually currently continuing various components of my research back at my university in the US!

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